Zhengzhou guides Sanmao and other abrasives to seize the standard highland

November 30, 2018

Recently, the reporter learned from the People’s Government of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province that Zhengzhou City has taken out 4.1 million yuan at a time, and rewarded 15 advanced units such as the Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute, which has outstanding performance in the standardization work in 2009. Nine units, including Zhengzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, which made positive contributions to the organization and management of standardization work, were given a report.

In recent years, Zhengzhou City Quality Supervision Bureau has vigorously promoted agricultural standardization, vigorously implemented industrial standardization, actively explored service standardization, and constantly improved the enterprise standardization system, and achieved good results. A number of advanced units of standardization work have emerged. In 2009 alone, the number of national standards that Zhengzhou City has participated in drafting and drafting has reached 27, 3 industry standards, and 1 GI product.

“The government attaches importance to the development of standardization and promotes the standardization work, and better serves the development of local and even national industrial economy.” Zheng Yanzhen, senior engineer of Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute, told the reporter. “In recent years, the quality of ordinary abrasives has been widely reflected in the industry. In particular, the grinding wheel manufacturers have repeatedly called for the control measures to increase the quality of ordinary abrasives. As far as China’s current common abrasive standard system is concerned, the standard of common abrasive testing methods is relatively perfect. However, there is no uniform method standard for the detection of abrasive strength properties. In order to unify the domestic measurement method of ordinary abrasive toughness, improve the quality control methods of ordinary abrasives, and participate in the drafting and formulation of the "standard method for measuring the toughness of ordinary abrasive balls" and other national standards. The implementation of the new standard has increased the detection method of ordinary abrasive performance and improved the quality control methods of ordinary abrasives. It has played an important technical support role in guiding the production of the industry, standardizing production and improving the quality of ordinary abrasives."

Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute is the only comprehensive research institution in the abrasives industry in China. In 2009, nine national standards, such as the “Method for Measuring the Toughness of Ordinary Abrasive Ball Milling”, were approved and issued by the National Standardization Administration. And received a reward of 400,000 yuan from the Zhengzhou Municipal Government.

It is understood that in order to further increase the intensity of the standardization strategy, continuously enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises, promote industrial development, and enhance the competitiveness of pillar industries, enterprises and products in domestic and international markets, Zhengzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau summarizes the implementation of standardization strategies. On the basis of the results, we actively prepared and established the Zhengzhou City Standardization Strategy Implementation Technical Committee, and established a joint organization operation mechanism and promotion mechanism led by the government and relevant functional departments. The objectives of agricultural standardization, industrial standardization and service standardization in Zhengzhou City were formulated, and the responsibility for standardization work was implemented and included in the annual assessment of governments at all levels and relevant departments.

In the enterprise product standard filing work, for the enterprise standards for filing, carefully review and verify the relevant materials, require the enterprise to submit complete filing materials, help the enterprise to improve and improve the problems existing in the enterprise standards, guide and help enterprises in accordance with GB/ The requirements of T1.1, improve the standards, and follow the prescribed working time requirements, do a good job of standard filing. Adopting international standards and advanced foreign standards as the focus of the city's enterprise standardization work, and actively promoting enterprises to adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards by strengthening publicity and demonstration effects of large enterprises, increasing the use of international standards to confirm work and improve corporate standards. Level, thus promoting the improvement of product quality.

Zhengzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau also actively strives for government support for standardization work, increases support and policy inclination, sets up special funds, establishes and improves incentive mechanisms, and guarantees the implementation of standardization strategies. For enterprises that actively adopt international advanced standards, they will support the implementation of national preferential policies in taxation and other aspects. For the implementation of the International Standardization Organization standard development project and the national standards and municipal-level local standards (technical specifications) development projects, the corresponding funding will be given. Incentives will be given to units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development, promotion and application of technical standards, so as to achieve the goal of promoting the sound and rapid development of Zhengzhou City's economy and society by means of standardized means.

According to statistics, in the past three years, Zhengzhou City and the county government allocated a total of 13.64 million yuan for standardization work. Zhengzhou City has undertaken 24 national standardization technical committees, sub-technical committees and working groups, and participated in the drafting of 52 national standards. There are 17 industry standards, 6 awards for China Standard Innovation Contribution, 13 companies with standardized good behaviors, and 33 companies with international standards.

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