You must consider these factors before you can install plastic pipes.

September 21, 2020

The main points of installation of plastic pipes are as follows:

Water pressure test

Plastic pipes are lightly installed, bendable, easy to connect, and easy to cut. They are often installed by non-professional operators. However, they are often only tested for water flow after installation. Water pressure tests are rarely performed. Once the water pressure in the urban water supply network fluctuates, It is easy to cause water leakage. Nowadays, many room decoration often chooses the concealed water pipes, but if the concealed water pipes are not subjected to the hydrostatic test, the hidden danger is even greater. The leakage needs to destroy the surface of the wall to be repaired.

To do expansion compensation

The expansion coefficient of plastic pipes is larger than that of steel pipes, and sufficient compensation margin is required for conveying hot water. Engineering users often consider the design of drawings, and it is not easy to cause problems. However, users of room decoration often have water leakage incidents caused by expansion.

Antifreeze measures

Insulation protection of water supply pipelines has been deeply rooted in the people's heartland in China, and it is also highly valued. Most of the current phenomenon of freezing and water leakage is in Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces in East China. These places belong to non-heating areas in winter and generally do not end. Ice, but if you encounter the freezing of a decade, you often freeze the water pipe because of the missing insulation measures.

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