Why Fenlin Paint Can Be Checked Up

December 29, 2020

We can't use paint to decorate the house, but we know that there are all kinds of paint brands on the market. This time let many consumers choose tangled disease when they choose, and do not know which brand to choose. . The following Xiao Bian will tell you why Fen Lin paint is good and how long it can stay in the paint .

Why Fenlin paint is good

1, first of all to know that this Finling paint brand is recognized as the world's most environmentally friendly interior wall water-based latex paint, known for its environmental protection, so it is also known as the interior paint with a crown, while the brand also has nine environmental certification . Can not contain any carcinogenic heavy metals, sampling VOC content of less than 1g per liter (note that sampling oh, not sent oh), formaldehyde is not detected. The “send inspection” is a method in which the manufacturer specifically does a certain amount of paint to send to the relevant department for inspection, while the random “sampling inspection” is a disguised case in which the relevant department disguises a customer to purchase a certain amount of paint for inspection. These two inspection levels are not one level (currently the world On the ability to withstand the random inspection products very few)

2, this brand is also an excellent paint film, this brand is a super scrubbing resistance in more than 10,000 times, with a delicate feel, while the brand also has superior anti-pollution ability, waterproof function, super strong alkali resistance, Mildew effect.

3, is the color, Fenlin paint this product it is used pure plant extract color paste, environmental performance can reach food grade, so the paint to be environmentally friendly, color paste is also more environmentally friendly. The price of a bottle of 500 ml of Fen Lin's color paste is more than RMB 600 yuan, which shows how high its environmental protection can be.

4, Fenlin paint also has a very strong color system, while it has 5300 in the color allows guests to choose casually, pay attention not to reflect the number, but to reflect the fine Fenlin paint color system on the color degree.

5, finally talked about Finling paint production base: Fen Lin paint produced in Finland, this brand is also recognized as the world's most environmentally-friendly and the most honest country, corruption is very small, is a highly developed country, Lam Leng Ming and Switzerland is equal.

How long can paint decoration paint

1. Usually, after the wall paint is finished, generally it can be dried and filmed within 2 days, which means that the wall paint will no longer be volatile after 2 days. However, if there are children or pregnant women, then it is better to recommend that you ventilate for a month and then stay again.

2. Always ventilate after entering the house so as to maintain your air circulation. It is also possible to place some plants in the room, such as aloe vera, spider plant, cactus cactus, etc. For example, putting a pot of spider plants in a room of 8-10 square meters can play a role in air purification; Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has a certain ability to absorb odor, and the effect of a long time; cactus: Most plants absorb carbon dioxide during the day to release oxygen At night, it is the opposite, while cacti, tiger skin orchids, sedum, aloe vera, and spider orchid are always absorbing carbon dioxide to release oxygen.

Summary: Regarding how Finlay paint is good and how long it can be used to paint, it is introduced to this. Fenlin paint is a globally recognized top-level and greenest interior wall water-based latex paint, so you can be assured when using it. Use, do not worry about environmental protection.

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