Which one do you like? Appreciation of modern simple shoe cabinet

May 21, 2020

Simplicity is not the same as simplicity. The modern minimalist style is a well-thought-out innovation and extension in design and thinking. The unique luster makes the furniture feel fashionable, which is why the simple style can be liked by the public. Behind the design of the modern minimalist shoe is to make all the details look very simple, but in terms of color and matching, it is quite textured and caters to the ideas of most young people. Today, let's take a look at the modern minimalist shoe renderings and feel the different beauty.

Modern minimalist shoe renderings - double door panel Shoe cabinets decorate the home charm, add the taste of the host's life, the pursuit of higher quality enjoyment; fashion warm home, a beautiful business, life should be so comfortable. The use of environmentally-friendly plates as the main body, the bright lacquering process is cleverly decorated, keeping the smooth and bright of the plates, the sublimation of the home art, the soft texture and the fascinating luster, and the warm home opens. The stylish storage drawer design makes the storage more calm and more casual; the corners are rounded and care for the family; the high-quality door hinges effectively block the closing force and protect the cabinet of the whole shoe. Even from this modern minimalist shoe renderings, you can feel its charm.

Modern minimalist shoe renderings - three-door shoe cabinet to enjoy the three-door modern minimalist shoe renderings, simple and stylish appearance, classic black and white matching, reasonable classification storage space, independent closed four-grid storage space, practical and beautiful The elegant home style is presented; the clamshell design is exquisite and practical, the metal hinge is firm and durable, and the flipping process is lighter and smoother; the adjustable layer support design adjusts the height of the layer according to the height of your love shoe, so that the space can be fully utilized. The high-quality turntable design not only makes the flipping process smooth and neat, but also adjusts the position of the shelf on the turntable, making your home life full of comfort and convenience.

Modern minimalist shoe renderings - 360-degree rotating shoe cabinets Appreciate the 360-degree rotating modern minimalist shoe cabinet renderings to make you feel the heart? With a modern handle, the imported engraving and cutting machine is used for cutting. The surface is more supple and smooth, and the streamlined design style is simple and full of fashion. The edge treatment is made of beautiful and beautiful aluminum foil strips, which are not only beautiful but also more effective. Exudes a modern and artistic atmosphere that is light and pleasant; high-quality and exquisite thick hinges, no need for eye-catching, no perforation, humanized design and perfect combination of the details and quality of the shoe cabinet; the use of interior materials in the shoe cabinet The aluminum foil with imported embossed effect has good metal texture and has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture proof and sound insulation. It is not only a creative shoe cabinet but also a practical shoe cabinet.

Modern minimalist shoe renderings - flip shoe bench

The first look of this flip-top modern minimalist shoe is its simple and stylish appearance. The natural bamboo wood floor has a beautiful and clear texture. The inside of the flip cover is a storage space for daily life. In addition to the open shoes can be classified into the space, the flip cover has a separate space for storing daily necessities; when changing shoes, you can sit on it and finish the shoe change process before and after going out. It looks like a pole. The stool, so it is not a combination of the shoe cabinet and the stool. Although the simple design can not be simple, but has the most practical functions, it also brings enjoyment to your living room.

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