Which decoration company in Shanghai is good and how to distinguish the decoration company

February 13, 2021

Renovating the house is a very headache, and many owners are the first time to renovate the house, without enough experience, so they will choose their own satisfactory decoration company for better decoration. So which decoration company in Shanghai is good , how to distinguish between good and bad decoration companies? Those who want to know can take a look!

Which decoration company is good in Shanghai

1. Shanghai Jule Building Decoration Co., Ltd.

Established in 1999, Shanghai Jule Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand in China's decoration industry, and also one of the top 100 enterprises in the decoration industry. It is a 3A-level credit enterprise and has a high reputation throughout Shanghai.

2. Shanghai Yange Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

The decoration company is a national chain company focusing on engineering, professional family design and decoration construction. The decoration company has an excellent young design team at home and abroad, and its excellent works have won many awards at home and abroad.

3. Shanghai Xingjie Design Decoration Co., Ltd.

Which decoration company in Shanghai is good? The editor introduces you to Shanghai Xingjie International Design Co., Ltd. The decoration company mainly renovates buildings such as villas, duplex buildings and high-end apartments. There are two branches of Xingjie International Design and Zunzhu.

4. Shanghai Purple Apple Decoration

Purple Apple Decoration was founded in 2003, and its headquarters entered Shanghai in 2011. The decoration company owns more than a dozen direct-operated companies under the "Purple Apple Decoration", which is currently developing into a large-scale national decoration enterprise for the overall decoration of Purple Apple.

How to distinguish the decoration company

1. First of all, you can look at the office environment of the decoration company. Usually, the decoration company has a certain scale, the quality of the staff is good, and the designer works are excellent.

2. Then you can also look at the qualifications of the decoration company. An excellent decoration company should have the qualification certificate, business license issued by the construction department, and the ability to design and construct.

3. You can also visit the model house of the decoration company and go to the construction site to learn more about the company's management and craftsmanship of the construction team.

4. The price of decoration is the most concern of the owner, so it can also be considered from this point when distinguishing the decoration company. To understand its decoration quotation and budget breakdown in detail, determine whether the company's budget is transparent and whether the materials indicate brand, price, grade, etc.

6. To distinguish whether the decoration company is good or bad, it also depends on the specific decoration materials and whether the selected environmental protection materials are based on the true "essence" of the materials.

The above is the relevant information about which decoration company in Shanghai is good and how to distinguish the decoration company. I believe everyone understands it! Choosing a decoration company is helpful for decoration, but you must choose a large decoration company to avoid various decoration problems.

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Which decoration company is good in Shanghai

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