When I grow up, I know that it is really poor. These common senses are actually wrong.

June 28, 2020

When one day you grow up, parents call you around and tell you seriously that in fact your family is very rich. Is this moment very happy? When I was a child, Dad told me that our family was very poor. I thought that it must have been for him to test me. When I was big, I learned that our family is really poor. Life is like this. Sometimes what you think is correct is not necessarily correct, just like the following five common senses of life.

1, nosebleeds, and quickly raise his head

The only advantage of this method is that it will not drip blood into the clothes or the floor, but the bleeding will not stop there. Instead, the blood will flow into the throat. If the situation is more serious, it may even cause vomiting and suffocation. The symptoms. A better way to deal with this is to put a small ball of cotton in the bleeding nostrils, then gently press the nose flaps and tilt the head forward, and an ice towel or wet towel around the neck can also help stop the bleeding.

2, a lot of sweat, the body is really smelly

The sweat was originally odorless, otherwise everyone would have to wear a clothespin on their nose when washing clothes. However, sweat contains a lot of organic substances, these substances are nutrients for bacteria; when the bacteria begins to break down sweat, it will produce odor unpleasant excrement, and these excretions is the source of sweat odor.

3, chewing two after dinner, refreshing tone strong teeth

Eating chewing gum does not gargle, and its sugar will also produce acid in the mouth, and it will erode teeth and form decayed teeth. In addition, chewing gum contains additives such as rubber plasticizers, vulcanization accelerators, and anti-aging agents, all of which have some toxicity. The metabolites of plasticizers are phenols, which are highly toxic and can harm human health when they are absorbed into the bloodstream in the digestive tract.

4. What is the benefit of being jealous?

Vinegar can increase appetite, appetizers and spleen, protect vitamin C in vegetables, and can promote gastrointestinal absorption of vitamin C. It also has certain effects in lowering blood pressure and preventing flu. Some people think that there are many benefits of jealousy, and excessive vinegar, and some people simply vinegar. As everyone knows, excessive consumption of vinegar, will burn the esophagus, erosion of the mucous membranes, damage the spleen and stomach, but also soften the bone, increase osteoporosis, resulting in fractures.

5. Why is my eyes always blurred when grilling? Your glasses are

fake. Contact lenses are much stronger than we thought. Oh, qualified contact lenses are still very stable under high temperature conditions. Don't worry if it meets the high temperature, it will melt. Everyone can abandon the frame glasses and barbecue it! Feeling uncomfortable, it would be nice to snuggle with tears, because contact lenses are more resistant to heat in the presence of water.

6, the toilet is so dirty there must be a PY transaction

The toilets that are often cleaned with water are actually much cleaner than people's stereotypes. On the contrary, scientists in the family bacteria research have found a shocking discovery, that is, there are many bacteria on the surface and inside the computer keyboard unexpectedly. Most of the bacteria in the home are hidden in the drain pipe on the inner wall of the refrigerator, and even the amount of bacteria on the dish cloth that is similar to the bacteria is not higher than the amount of bacteria here.

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