What types of living room ceilings are there? What materials are used separately?

February 12, 2021

Nowadays, most people prefer simple dressing, which can save money and make the home look fresher and simpler. The living room is an important space to show the whole home decoration style. The dress can't be underestimated. So, what types of simple ceilings are in the living room ? Let's take a look at the related content of the home of the decoration home!


First, the plane ceiling. Visual effects: There is no fancy pattern, adding a simple ceiling to the top of the room, with a light source. Applicable room type: generally applicable to small areas such as entrance halls and restaurants. Sometimes in order to increase the thermal insulation, it is also recommended to use the flat ceiling in the attic: modern minimalism. Commonly used materials: light steel keel + gypsum board.

Second, the downgrade ceiling. Visual effect: The number of top layers is greater than 2 layers, which plays a superimposed layer effect. Applicable room type: It is mostly used for central air-conditioning units. Because the central air-conditioning has a thickness of about 35 cm, the down-level ceiling can increase the sense of layering. The requirements for room height are higher, and the general requirements are more than 2.7 meters. Recommended style: modern minimalism. Commonly used materials: light steel keel + gypsum board.

Third, the shaped ceiling. Visual effects: The ceiling itself, which is an irregular figure, is called a profiled ceiling. Applicable room type: normal room height (2.6 meters) can be hung. Due to material limitations, graphics are limited to simple patterns such as stars and moons. Recommended style: suitable for a variety of styles, depending on the pattern. Commonly used materials: light steel keel + gypsum board + latex paint.

Fourth, the straight ceiling. Visual effects: Straight ceilings are similar to the top corners, but the top corners are narrower and thinner, while the straight ceilings are between 30-45 cm wide and 8-12 cm thick. Applicable room type: The room height is 2.6 meters, and the living room, bedroom and other areas can be hung, suitable for houses with squares. Recommended style: modern minimalism. Commonly used materials: light steel keel + gypsum board.


Five, curved ceiling. Visual effects: Curved ceilings often take a circle around the space, but the lines are mostly curved or wavy. Applicable room type: suitable for shaped rooms. The room is 2.6 meters high, and the restaurant and living room are all OK. Recommended style: the decorative style is not very obvious, it can increase the dynamic and reduce the feeling of dullness. Commonly used materials: light steel keel + gypsum board.

Sixth, mix and match the ceiling. Visual effects: Suspended ceilings of two or more forms of material. Applicable room type: more complicated, it is recommended to use the ceiling above the height of 2.8 meters, otherwise it will easily make the space appear depressed. Recommended style: depending on the materials used and style, but not for modern minimalist styles. Commonly used materials: light steel keel + gypsum board, wooden floor.

Seven, arched ceiling. Visual effects: The vaulted ceiling is also known as a dome or a lid. Applicable room type: suitable for villas, suitable for rooms with high height or top roof. The minimum space requirement is more than 2.6 meters. The highest point is not required, usually around four or five meters. Recommended style: European and European style. Commonly used materials: light steel keel + gypsum board.

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