What is the overall wall decoration plate overall wall decoration plate advantages and disadvantages

January 12, 2021

The whole wall decoration board has become the choice of more and more families, which is inseparable from its environmental safety, heat insulation, sound insulation effect and other advantages. Because the whole wall decoration board can be directly installed on the rough room wall surface, it is also suitable for the old wall surface. Then, the following small series for everyone to introduce what is the overall wall decoration board and the overall wall decoration plate advantages and disadvantages.

What is a whole wall decoration board

Simply speaking, it is a wall decoration material. For example, most TV walls use these whole wall surfaces. The overall decorative effect is still very good, and it is relatively healthy and environmentally friendly. It is a lot of decoration owners prefer. This kind of integral wall is not only environmentally friendly, but also has very good thermal insulation and sound insulation. It is definitely a good choice for home decoration.

Overall wall decoration plate advantages and disadvantages

First, the advantages

1, health and environmental protection

Nowadays, many materials contain formaldehyde, but this whole wall decoration plate has almost zero formaldehyde, and it is very healthy and environmentally friendly. Aluminum alloys, polyurethanes and aluminum foils used in the integral wall decoration panels are environmentally friendly materials that do not contain formaldehyde. In terms of environmental protection, the overall wall has more advantages than other materials.

2, thermal insulation

The whole wall surface has a good heat insulation effect, and the whole wall surface has the function of heat insulation because of the role of the polyurethane insulation material in the middle layer. It is the best insulation material, including the insulation layer of the refrigerator. Kinds of materials. Therefore, with the whole wall decoration of the house, there is a significant thermal insulation effect.

3, sound insulation

The design of the walls of the houses requires sound insulation. If there is no strong sound insulation, it is inconvenient to check in. The overall wall decoration plate using heavy materials such as aluminum alloy, sound insulation effect should be said to be very good.

Second, the shortcomings

1, install the occupied area

The thickness of the wall decoration material is now the thickest of the tiles. The total thickness of the tile and cement mortar is about 1.5CM; followed by the whole wall, the thickness is about 1CM; the thinnest is the paint and wallpaper, and the thickness is less than 0.5CM. For a narrow space, you need to consider the area occupied by the entire wall.

2. Transport difficulties

The whole wall is a whole piece of plate production, transportation, installation, length of 6 meters long, so in the handling and installation process, in particular, to avoid bending the plate.

Editor's summary: The advantages and disadvantages of what is the overall wall decoration board and the overall wall decoration board are introduced here, and I hope to be helpful to everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

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