What is the difference between cork flooring and solid wood flooring?

July 11, 2019

What is the difference between cork flooring and solid wood flooring?

The most familiar cork products should be wine corks. In addition, we often see message boards, cup mats and pots in hotels. In the malls and bars, you can see the cork wall panels used as wall decorations. The wall panels used in ordinary people's homes are the theme walls or porches behind the TV. For music enthusiasts, cork is the best soundproofing and sound absorbing material. Cork is used as a floor, and its natural and environmental characteristics can be seen by comparison with solid wood flooring.

First, environmental protection Compared with solid wood flooring, cork flooring is more environmentally friendly. First, the cork flooring is taken from the bark of the oak tree, and the trees will continue to grow new bark without any damage. Solid wood flooring needs to be cut at the cost of cutting trees. Secondly, the cork material itself is non-toxic and harmless, which can be immersed in the wine and champagne wine plugs that are widely used in cork, and are directly immersed in the liquor that people drink directly without any contamination of the wine.

Second, moisture resistance compared to solid wood flooring, the moisture resistance of cork flooring will be better. Solid wood flooring is very afraid of moisture, and moisture can cause warping and deformation. If the water is not etched for a long time and is not sucked dry, the time will be long and the floor will rot. Cork flooring does not rot, which can be answered by the performance of cork barrels and corks in centuries-old crickets. After a strict paving, it can even be placed in the bathroom.

Third, the cork floor feels comfortable. Observed under the microscope, it is found that cork is composed of a large number of cork cells arranged in a honeycomb shape, and the cells are filled with air. This special structure and composition make the cork flooring soft and elastic, flexible and compressive. The effect is that even if the heavy furniture is pressed against the tiny indentation, it can be restored after the weight is removed. Moreover, this special honeycomb structure forms a function of noise reduction and warmth and a comfortable foot.

Fourth, the cell structure of the wear-resistant cork determines that he is more wear-resistant than solid wood flooring. Cork is made up of numerous airbags. The surface forms a myriad of small suction cups. When the footsteps are in contact with the ground, the cork flooring will slightly absorb the footsteps on the ground, reducing the relative displacement of the footsteps and the floor, reducing friction and thus prolonging. The wear-resisting time and service life of the floor, and this is only the wear-resisting performance of the cork floor of the surface paint surface. The wear-resisting number of the cork floor with the resin wear-resistant layer is 6000 to 7000 rpm, which is solid wood. Ten times more than the floor.

5. Cork flooring has a flame retardant cork with good flame retardancy and will naturally extinguish after leaving the fire source.

Sixth, cork is not afraid of insects. It is well known that solid wood products are most afraid of insects, especially in the humid climate of the south. But the insects are not interested in the taste of the cork, so even in the cold and damp cellar, the wine bottles are stored upside down, and there is no cork plugged with insects, and the phenomenon of the wine flowing out.

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