What is the cabinet size?

November 21, 2020

As an administrative clerk in the office or a practitioner in personnel finance, it is certainly no stranger to cabinets in the office. What is the size of the file cabinet ? I believe there must be a lot of elderly executives who have long experience in the industry and may not be able to answer them. File cabinet to store different files are related to the size of the provisions of the requirements can not be the effect, our article below, and the furniture network Xiao Bian together to see the file cabinet size is generally how much ?


What is the definition of a cabinet?

The cabinet is a cabinet for books, documents, files, materials, etc. It is generally used in offices, financial offices, documentation rooms, confidential rooms, storage rooms or warehouses, and study rooms. The world economy is constantly evolving, and the design requirements for office furniture used in more and more units are different. Many people will have more or less questions about the size of an office filing cabinet before they buy it. Although people usually use them regularly, they do not pay attention to its size. What is the size of an office filing cabinet currently sold in the market?


Type of filing cabinet

First, plastic type

This type of office filing cabinet is mainly used as a file holder and puts frequently used documents. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform when placing heavy objects for a long time. Therefore, the plastic cabinet is only suitable for placing a small amount of documents.

Second, plate type file cabinet

This kind of office filing cabinet is made by using MDF or particle board for surface veneering. Whether it is gloss or feel, it's very good. At the same time, the veneer of the plate filing cabinet can be changed in different colors and textures. In the design of the shape, the shape that the solid wood cannot absolutely complete can be made, and it is very individual. Of course, there are also drawbacks. 1. It is not environmentally friendly: Some businesses use inferior wood chipboard as a raw material for profit. 2. It is non-natural: There is no natural sense of natural wood material.

Third, solid wood file cabinet

This kind of office filing cabinet is very popular. It is an unprocessed natural material that is environmentally friendly and healthy. It can also demonstrate the unique artistic charm of the main temperament. It is upscale, atmospheric, and widely trusted by consumers. However, it also has a shortcoming. It has relatively high requirements for the environment and temperature. It is not moisture-proof and it is also susceptible to insect infestation. Therefore, it is necessary to take this into consideration when choosing a solid wood type office filing cabinet.

Fourth, metal filing cabinet

This type of office filing cabinet is a kind of material with a wide range of applications, mainly corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, easy to clean, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, etc., it is widely used in offices of all walks of life. The stainless steel office file cabinet we introduced here perfectly inherits all the advantages of stainless steel. It is a very practical function and has a long service life, so it is also very popular.

Five, steel type

Such office filing cabinets are generally made of cold-rolled steel plates. The surface is made of electroplating zinc, hot dip galvanized, powder electrostatic spraying and many other process technologies. It is durable and durable. And, on the whole, steel office filing cabinets are relatively simple, lightweight mobile filing cabinets, and storing files is more convenient and practical.


What is the size of the cabinet?

At present, the size of file cabinets that are commonly used in offices is generally 1. The plastic filing cabinets. Actually, it is a file holder, which mainly stores some frequently used lightweight documents. Its size is generally smaller and can be called a bookshelf. 2, steel filing cabinets. Steel filing cabinets are the most common and are durable and easy to maintain, facilitating long-haul haulage. Mainly stored long-term preservation of the file information. The common dimensions are: high 1800mm, width 850mm, depth 400mm. 3, wooden filing cabinets. High-end atmosphere is generally the choice of leading the boss class. The size of the wooden office filing cabinet is generally: high 1800mm, 900mm, 400mm deep.

Common Office Filing Cabinet Specifications

Common file cabinet size is generally how much, the common is generally divided into two buckets hang hangers, three pumping, four pumping data cabinets, three buckets hanging card cabinets, 89cm glass sliding door cabinets, 89cm iron shift Door and floor cabinets, 118cm glass sliding door cabinet, 118cm iron sliding door cabinet, two-story filing cabinet, partial three-and-a-half glass filing cabinet, two-door electronic password lock filing cabinet, double-covered door (no bucket) luxury lock , Drawings cabinet (four pumping), hard four-door (one-piece) luxury locks, six glass bookshelf, etc.

With regard to the types of filing cabinets and the size of filing cabinets , we have briefly introduced them. We can choose the appropriate size according to the types of document data that we want to install, the degree of security, and the specific dimensions of the placement and placement of the rooms. , material file cabinet. The maintenance of the file cabinet is generally relatively simple, as long as it does not hit with a hard object, do not be flooded, flood prevention and security on it.

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