What is ppg coating, the characteristics of ppg coating

December 26, 2020

PPG Master Paint (Master'sMark) is one of the major architectural coating brands owned by PPG Industries Group of the United States. With its high quality formula, rich and colorful colors, anti-staining and durable performance, and superior hiding power and mold resistance, Master Paint has become the first choice for paints and coatings in many homes and enterprises. Next, follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to find out what is ppg paint , what are the characteristics of ppg paint?


What is ppg paint

Ppg Coatings is a well-known architectural coatings brand of PPG Industries Group. It is also the top architectural coatings brand in the Chinese market. It combines the company's advanced technology and innovation in the fields of automotive, aerospace and industrial coatings. It has always maintained a leading position in the industry. . As a well-known brand of latex paint, PPG Master Paint continuously brings new products of international quality to China and introduces high-quality and environmentally-friendly wood lacquer products to bring perfect quality of life to Chinese consumers. At the same time, PPG master paint products have also been selected by many well-known buildings in China.

What are the ppg coatings?

1, the country imported latex paint PPG master paint imported latex paint series, all imported from the United States, the original barrel quality assurance. PPG Master Paint adheres to the promise of green environmental protection, and constantly introduces ultra-high environmental quality coating products with leading technology such as zero VOC and ultra low VOC. At the same time, we continue to innovate and develop ultra-pure technology exclusively. In the product formula and production process, we insist on adding harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, flavor and taste mask, and strictly control the whole process to avoid harmful substances harming users' health. While ensuring high environmental quality, PPG Master's original imported latex paint also has excellent all-round function, providing a comprehensive solution for wall problems, perfect care and decorative wall.

2, domestic high-quality latex paint PPG master paint domestic high-quality latex paint series, using the United States environmentally friendly formula, with super-covering function, excellent scrub resistance and stain resistance, while at the same time can perfectly cover the wall surface micro cracks, prevent mold growth, Make the wall lasting and beautiful, always as new. In order to meet the colorful decorative effect, PPG Master's domestic high-quality latex paint series can be customized according to PPG's exclusive color system, the Voice of Color, which can be customized for different styles.

3, wood lacquer PPG master wood lacquer series using PPG's leading cutting-edge technology, in the solvent-based and water-based wood lacquer field have outstanding performance, to meet the needs of different levels of home decoration. PPG wood lacquer products not only have excellent fullness and easy construction, but also have good quality and environmental protection. The VOC content is far below the national standard. The main representative products are: Crystal Code full effect, bright color waterborne wood lacquer, Jingya, decorated with beautiful soybean oil, 沁 Run ​​vegetable oil and so on.


Ppg coating characteristics

1, the paint film is delicate and full

Formulated with high-quality acrylic resin, it has excellent leveling, no trace of brushing, and gives the skin a delicate touch.

2, rich in color

Ppg paint's original color grading system, bright and long-lasting color, more than 1800 mature color alternatives, can create an unlimited variety of personalized colors.

3, anti-stain, scrub

It has excellent dirt resistance, better protection against all kinds of dust, and can be scrubbed many times. The wall is lasting smooth and bright.

4, strong hiding power

The ppg paint is made of high-quality emulsion, and the paint film is firmer and finer and more flexible, effectively covering small flaws and cracks on the wall.

5, anti-mold ppg paint special anti-mildew function, effectively inhibit mold growth, suitable for use in wet areas.

The above is what is the ppg coating, ppg coating features are detailed answers, I do not know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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