What are the reasons for wall seepage?

February 12, 2021

As we all know, houses will look old after being used for a long time, and some families will also see the phenomenon of water seepage and fading on the wall, which directly affects the appearance of the room. This kind of problem must be solved as soon as possible, otherwise the problem will become more and more serious. What about water seepage on the wall ? What are the causes of water seepage on the wall? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What to do if the wall seeps

1. First repair and plaster the wall, under normal circumstances, plastering layer is divided into 2-3 repairs. And the proper amount of micro-expansion agent is added to the repaired mortar, which can reduce the interface cracks of the new and old plastering layers.

2. After the plaster layer is dry, apply the exterior wall paint, and then apply one or two layers of waterproof coating film, but the waterproof coating film should not be applied until the exterior wall paint is dry.

3. If the external wall has a large area of ​​cracking, the plaster layer should be cut with a cutting machine before the wall is cut, which can effectively avoid the vibration caused by the plaster layer during the chiseling process. Empty drum phenomenon.

4. After removing the plastering layer, be sure to clean the base layer, and then lay a layer of steel mesh between the masonry and the structure to avoid the cracking of the plastering layer again.

Second, what are the reasons for wall seepage?

1. Through the above description of how to deal with water seepage on the wall, I believe that my friends have the bottom of their hearts. There are many reasons for water seepage on walls. For example, when building walls, the cement mortar is not full enough, and the pores of the gray joints are relatively large, resulting in the formation of siphons in the capillary channels. Secondly, the loose texture of the interior decorative surface material will also cause water dispersion and seepage. Also, if the thickness of the outer wall surface is not uniform, the wall surface may be easily shelled.

2. If there is water seepage around the window, it means that there is no sealing paste embedded between the window frame and the wall of the rear plug, or the protective tape of the window frame is not torn clean. These reasons will cause water leakage on the wall.

3. Because the bathroom is the area that uses the most water, the wall is prone to seepage. For example, bathing and washing in our daily life have been used for a long time, and small cracks are prone to occur. Secondly, the water pipes buried in the wall will leak when used for a long time, resulting in different degrees of wetness on the wall.

Editor's summary: The above is the relevant knowledge about what to do about the wall seepage and the reasons for the wall seepage. I hope it can help friends. In fact, as long as waterproof and moisture-proof measures are taken during house decoration, water seepage on the wall can be avoided. If you still want to know this knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to our website, the following articles will be more exciting.

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