What are the main points of purchasing catering smoke purifier?

January 09, 2021

With the continuous improvement of people's health and environmental awareness, fume purification equipment has been used more and more in catering and other industries, and fume purifier manufacturers engaged in production have also spread all over the country. When buying these devices, there are advantages and disadvantages. Dongguan City Lanying Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional fume purification equipment manufacturer, for everyone to support strokes, to help you choose a good product.
First, look at the effect of purifying the catering purifier.
After each restaurant fume purifier is completed, it must pass the inspection by the relevant department. The environmental protection department will make more relevant inspections to see if the effect of the purification has reached the prescribed standard, otherwise it cannot pass the environmental protection acceptance. When buying, we must also look for products that meet environmental requirements, otherwise it may affect normal use.
Second, look at the price level.
The price/performance ratio of the catering purifier is definitely higher for the purchaser. The product with low price and good quality is the first choice. This requires more comparison, between different brands of products, different types of products to do relevant comparisons, and more to consult the situation of the user. The price is not necessarily the more expensive is the better, many products because of less advertising and other expenses, the price is still quite attractive.
Third, look at power consumption and maintenance.
After a period of time, a more comprehensive understanding of the catering purifier will be provided. The power consumption will be low, whether the cleaning is simple or not, whether it is prone to failure, etc., which can all be reflected. A good product has low power consumption, and it is easy to use and is not easily damaged. Regular cleaning is performed without affecting normal use.
Fourth, look at the quality of the brand.
In the actual selection of restaurant fume purifiers, we must choose the products produced by more well-known brands, because only such products can guarantee product brand and fume purification effect.
Dongguan Lanying Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Hongying Company) started in 2000 and has been focusing on fume purifiers for more than ten years. It is a device for purification and treatment of fume in high-end and large-scale restaurants. The company has dozens of patents, including Hong Kong patents. There are a number of patent applications each year, and there are a number of independent brands "Hongying" and "ALPHAIR".
The main products are composite electrostatic fume purifiers, industrial fume purifiers, industrial oil mist purifiers, industrial exhaust gas treatment equipment, swirl plate exhaust gas purification towers, and industrial dust removal equipment, cyclone spray fire smoke purification tower, catering industry oil and water Separators, plasma tunnel processing equipment, water spray painting stations, generator silencers, dust removal centrifugal fans, exhaust air cabinets and other central dust removal ventilation and environmental protection equipment engineering construction and maintenance.
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