What are the hazards of floor heating and floor heating?

November 30, 2020

After the floor is warmed up and the farewell winter is over, the snow-covered weather interior is still warm and spring. This feeling is simply not awesome. Floor heating generally chooses wood floors or tiles. Relatively speaking, people who choose wood floors will have more, but the hazards of floor heating and floor heating are actually quite large. What are the hazards of warm flooring ? What kind of wood flooring is suitable for floor heating? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below.

The hazard of floor heating in warm floor 1 - The floor doubles the release of formaldehyde when the floor is warmed to high temperatures.

When selecting floors, qualified wooden floors must be selected. Products that meet national standards will have less formaldehyde. Do not casually go to the informal shop to buy wood flooring. Although the price is cheap, but the quality will not be guaranteed, the surface can not see any problems, I feel there should be no risk, I think the two days to spread the taste on it. But in fact, formaldehyde is hidden inside the floor and there is no way to remove it in a short time. In addition, formaldehyde is accelerated at a high temperature in the floor, and living in it has a great influence on health.

The hazard of floor heating in warm floor 2 - will make the flooring qualified for formaldehyde content at room temperature become unqualified

The relevant departments conducted a survey on a large number of wooden floor manufacturers' products. As a result, it was found that at high temperatures, only about 75% of the products capable of delivering formaldehyde were qualified, and the formaldehyde content of wooden floors of some famous brands surpassed the national standards. The use of formaldehyde, which is not qualified enough for the user to know the floor, will be harmed by formaldehyde.

The hazard of floor heating in warm floor 3 - The floor glue will produce harmful substances when it is hot

Some glues used for bonding in wooden floors are made up of many chemical substances. It can release many harmful substances when it is exposed to high temperatures, including formaldehyde and other chemical components harmful to human health. These are floor glues that do not meet national requirements. Qualified floor glues will use glues that are less harmful or harmless to the human body so that they can be used in a healthy way.

Floor heating requirements for floor heating

1, material requirements

Not all wood floors are suitable for floor heating. As a floor heating floor, it needs to meet many conditions, such as good heat conductivity, high dimensional stability, and the required wooden floor water absorption can not exceed 2.5%, many materials in the life of wood flooring They are not suitable for floor heating.

Only some special materials such as solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, and laminate flooring are suitable. In particular, some woods produced in Africa from solid wood flooring are suitable as floor heating materials because their special environment makes the wood contain higher minerals. Higher minerals have higher strength. There are also some Southeast Asian woods, such as merbau and teak, which are also suitable for floor heating materials.

2, stability requirements

Generally, the stability of solid wood floors is not good, and they are easily deformed due to the effects of thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, many wood floors are not suitable for laying as floor heating materials. Wood floors need sufficient thermal stability to be able to be warmed. floor.


3, waterproof, mold resistance requirements

In general, the waterproofness of wood flooring is poor. Occasionally a little water may not have a great influence, but the room may be scrapped if it enters the water floor. And after the wooden floor is not treated in a timely manner easy to mold, not only affect the appearance but also to produce more bacteria indoors, at the same time will affect the warm, unsafe.

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