Waterproof and heat-insulating new materials effectively reduce building energy consumption

March 14, 2019

Waterproof and heat-insulating new materials effectively reduce building energy consumption With the accelerating urbanization process and the rapid increase of urban and rural construction, how to effectively solve the high energy consumption problem of buildings has become a key issue that is widely concerned in society today. Recently, the “Waterproof Insulation and Thermal Insulation Monolithic Materials for Construction Roofing and Its Construction Method” developed by Beijing Construction Engineering Institute was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office for invention patents and became a new invention patent in the field of energy-saving materials research.

In the past, in order to achieve various functions such as waterproofing, heat preservation, and heat insulation for building roofs, it was necessary to divide it into two steps. The first was insulation and the Other was waterproof. The number of construction processes was as high as 7-8, which resulted in high cost and energy saving. Not ideal, there are even dangers of flammability, leakage of water, delamination and cracking. To this end, the Institute of Materials Science and Technology of Beijing Institute of Construction and Engineering has improved and innovated traditional roofing materials and construction practices, using lightweight aggregate, special waterproof gels and fibers, etc., to develop a high water-repellent, high-heat-resistance, non-combustion, and longevity. The long waterproof insulation material successfully achieved the integration of flame retardant, heat preservation and waterproof, saved the construction period and eliminated the drowning phenomenon commonly found in the waterproof layer.

At the same time, by changing the proportion of materials, the traditional insulation construction process is simply four processes, namely cementitious waterproof layer, waterproof insulation layer, waterproof insulation layer and waterproof protective layer, effectively improving the crack resistance and deformability of the roof, and the construction speed is fast. The overall cost is low.

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