Waterborne wood lacquer construction precautions

January 29, 2019

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1 The construction conditions of waterborne wood lacquer are: temperature 10–30 ° C; relative humidity 50%–80% (optimal condition is about 23 ° C, humidity does not exceed 70%), too high or too low temperature may result in painting effect Bad, such as sag, lice, orange peel, air bubbles and other ills. If the coating is to be carried out when the optimum construction conditions are not met, it is necessary to first test whether the coating effect is satisfactory, so as to avoid trouble.

2 The temperature of the waterborne wood lacquer and the surface to be coated shall be the same and shall not be painted on cold wood. Water-based paints can be applied and dried in the sun, but avoid painting on hot surfaces.

3 When painting on the vertical surface, the paint should be diluted with 5%–30% of water and sprayed or brushed. Spraying should be thin, and the amount of paint should be thinner when brushing, so as not to sag. Do not expect a thick coating to complete the work, should be a thin layer of multi-channel construction.

4 If you feel that the paint is too thick, you can mix it with water to adjust the viscosity and then apply. In short, the amount of water to be added should be based on the best coating results.

5 The number of coating passes depends on the quality and effect required, and usually 3–4 passes can achieve good results. When the high fullness is required, the number of coating passes should be increased. Not only should each be polished, but the drying time should be extended appropriately for more than 4 hours.

6 Before painting, the compatibility of the water-based paint and the primer or colorant (especially the oil-based colorant) must be confirmed. The oil-based system should be dried for at least 24 hours. The paint should be fully polished and cleaned.

7 Although the water-based wood lacquer table is dry quickly, it takes a long time for the water in the paint film to completely escape. Usually, the final strength is reached after drying for 7 days (the winter time should be as long as possible). Before that, the coated woodware should be careful. Do not stack, cover, or collide to avoid damage.

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