Wallpaper is environmentally friendly and heavy in glue

July 11, 2019

Brush wall paint or wallpaper? This is an eternal decoration puzzle. The wallpaper is beautiful and the decorative effect is strong, which makes people rush. But at the same time, the wallpaper is not durable, environmentally friendly, and hesitant. In fact, as long as you choose the right wallpaper, choose the right glue, not only can overcome the traditional decoration difficulties of the wallpaper, but also bring convenient and practical functions for the home.

The wallpaper materials mainly include wood fiber, pure paper, non-woven fabric, resin, cotton and linen, etc., including natural materials, as long as it is a qualified wallpaper, the material itself is less polluted. Glue is the biggest problem causing wallpaper pollution. When the wallpaper is constructed, it is necessary to use a large amount of glue to get on the wall. The adhesive material in the glue is prone to formaldehyde pollution. Even if you choose a safe and safe wallpaper, if the glue is not qualified, it will also cause decoration pollution. Therefore, glue is an important consideration when purchasing wallpaper.

What kind of wallpaper glue is more environmentally friendly? First of all, you can try to use natural glue, such as corn starch, potato starch and other natural materials made of glue less polluted. Although the life of natural materials is not more than synthetic materials (some good natural glue can last for 5-8 years), it is not easy to pollute excessively in large areas. However, many wallpaper stores use the imported glue of the cottage, it is recommended to go to the regular brand store to buy glue.

In addition, the reason why wallpaper is widely loved is because the wallpaper can make decorative effects that the paint can't match. In fact, there are many different wallpapers with different functions and different decorative effects on the market. The functions of wallpaper can be divided into the following categories:

1, natural class. Natural wallpapers have become very popular in recent years, such as cotton and linen wallpapers, silk wallpapers, straw wallpapers, bamboo wallpapers... The surface of the wallpaper is no longer just the texture of “paper”, but also the natural texture of various natural materials. Enhance the decorativeness of the wall.

2. Air purification. Some wallpapers are not only polluted, but the material on the surface of the wallpaper is treated to have the effect of purifying the air. For example, negative oxygen ion wallpaper can release negative oxygen ions and purify the air; diatom mud wallpaper contains diatom mud to absorb harmful substances.

3. Enhanced wallpaper. There are special moisture-proof wallpapers that can be used in the bathroom, as well as pet wallpapers that can be worn by pets.

4, functional wallpaper. Some wallpapers are made of writing board material, which can be painted repeatedly with a marker. There are also mirror-effect wallpapers that can be used as mirrors.  

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