True and false graphene: Who is cashing under the prestigious name?

June 18, 2019

Abstract The pursuit of new concepts in the capital market is always warm and blind. The A-share focus on the graphene concept began in late 2010. At that time, the physicist of the University of Manchester, André Heim and Konstantin...
The pursuit of new concepts in the capital market is always warm and blind.

The A-share focus on the graphene concept began in late 2010. At that time, two scientists, the physicists of the University of Manchester, André Heim and Konstantin Novoselov, won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their successful separation of graphene.

However, the speculation on graphene did last until March of 2012, and the graphene concept stock became the market protagonist again on the 19th. Three stocks of Gorgeous Family, Sinosteel Jitan and Xinhuajin were daily, while China Baoan and Nanfeng Chemical also rose more than 5%.

The 21st Century Network survey found that as of now, graphene as a new material is still not commercially available in the research stage, and if the so-called graphene concept stocks are found, there are not many related to graphene. The listed company intentionally or unintentionally confused the concept of graphene with the concepts of graphite materials and graphene microchips, and made the clarification announcement “clear and unclear”.

In fact, behind this kind of concept hype, it is naturally inevitable that shareholders and various securities business departments have rallying stocks.

Graphene is emerging

At the beginning of 2011, through the Nobel Prize, the A-shares set off a “graphene” heat, and the protagonist was China Baoan.

On January 20, 2011, China Baoan announced the announcement of progress in research and development of new products. The announcement stated that since 2008, its holding subsidiary, Betray, has started the research and development and industrialization of graphene based on the original graphite technology. Research. At present, a small test of the graphene preparation process has been completed, a pilot test is underway, and an invention patent application for the related technology of the product has been submitted.

As soon as this announcement came out, it stirred up a thousand layers of waves. In the words of Baoan’s own words, “the company’s first encounter in 20 years was reported by the media.”

With the help of the graphene concept, China Baoan’s stock price, which had just bottomed out to 13.3 yuan on January 18, 2011, has risen all the way. By February 22, the highest share price has reached 25.45 yuan. In just one month, its share price rose by a maximum of 91.35%. The concept of graphene successfully brought the stock price of China Baoan from “1 prefix” to “2 prefix”.

However, just two months later, on March 15, China Baoan changed its name in the announcement to clarify that the company's participation in the joint venture of Heilongjiang Baoan New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. is basically in a stagnant state, and there is currently no mineral resources. The two companies involved in Betray have not obtained the exploration rights, and it is impossible to determine whether they can obtain the relevant minerals.

In other words, there is no substantial progress in China's Baoan graphite mine resources, and everything is unknown.

On June 15th, China Baoan issued an announcement apologizing: "The company apologizes for the misunderstanding caused by the public disclosure of 'the possession of graphite mineral resources' on the Betray website."

To this end, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has issued a notice of criticism to the listed company China Baoan, and the relevant responsible person China Baoan Operations President He Dehua, the chief operating officer and the board secretary Qi Bing respectively were given disciplinary criticism.

At this point, China's Baoan's "with or without graphene" farce came to an end, but since then it has become the first stock of graphene concept stocks.

Hot speculation and cash

In the list of graphene concept stocks that followed, there were not only the gorgeous family that was considered to be transforming last year, Nandu Power, but also China Baoan and Veken Essence, which have always been regarded as the old graphene concept stocks.

There is also a “newly joined” Yueda Investment. Its chairman Chen Yunhua revealed during the “two sessions” that the company is currently planning the development of graphene products, which will be mainly used in textile and apparel, car batteries and mobile phones.

Chen Yunhua’s voice has not fallen, and the capital market has already started to waver under several favorable conditions.

From the European Commission announced that it has invested heavily in the study of graphene, and the Lockheed Kenting Company in the United States will use the graphene filter device to convert seawater into fresh water, and then to the newly developed carbon sponge of Zhejiang University. The news about graphene is more than expected. It came even more fiercely, so the A-share market staged a repertoire of "concepts, chickens and dogs."

Sinosteel Jigang and Xinhuajin were daily at the daily limit on March 19, among which Sinosteel Jijiao rose 8.14% on the 20th and Xinhuajin rose 3.27% on the 20th; the gorgeous family lasted for two consecutive days on March 19 and 20. The daily limit; the Super League cable hit a daily limit in the intraday trading on March 19, once reached the highest price of 14.29 yuan, closing up 8.85%.

China Baoan, Veken Essence, Jinlu Group (7.82, 0.08, 1.03%) and Nanfeng Chemical all increased by more than 5% on March 19, while Nandu Power and Shanghai Xinmei also changed their previous share price, quickly From green to red." At the same time that the stock price rose strongly, the graphene concept stocks also won the favor of large single funds. On March 19, the total inflow was 152 million yuan.

Behind the hot speculation in the capital market is the crazy cash out of listed companies.

Taking Shanghai Xinmei as an example, on February 27, 2013, the company announced that it had received the “Share Transfer Agreement” from the second largest shareholder Xingsheng Group and Shanghai Nanjiang Co., Ltd., intending to limit the company’s 20 million shares. The conditional tradable shares were transferred to Nanjiang Group at a price of 10 yuan/share, and the total transfer price was RMB 200 million.

The graphene resources of Nanjiang Group have become the "good" stock price of Shanghai Xinmei.

According to the data, in April 2012, Nanjiang Group and participated in the establishment of Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. According to the data, Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. is investing in the world's first mass production graphene production line in Cidong Binhai District, Cixi City. It is expected to be completed and put into production this year.

Since February 20, 2013, Shanghai Xinmei's share price has continued to climb. It has risen again after the daily limit on February 26, until it closed at 12.37 yuan on March 1, and hit the highest price of 12.83 yuan in the session. On the 19th, the closing price was 9.33 yuan, and the increase at the close of March 1 was 32.58%.

On March 5, 2013, Shanghai Xinmei issued a clarification announcement stating that the company has not signed any intentions or agreements related to graphene assets with Nanjiang Group; and currently the company has no assets in new materials including financial sectors and financial fields. Inject the plan.

However, at this time, Shanghai Xinmei, whose stock price continued to be in single digits, has climbed to double digits through the east wind of graphene, and shareholders and securities business departments have thrown stocks.

On February 28, 2013, Rongguan Investment reduced its holding of Shanghai Xinmei's shares by 12.4 million shares through the block trading system of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The transaction price was 11.03 yuan, accounting for 5% of the company's total share capital; on March 5, Rongguan Investment The company reduced its holdings of 22.32 million shares at a price of 6.75 yuan, accounting for 5% of Shanghai Xinmei's total share capital. Also on March 5, the five securities business departments sold Shanghai Xinmei shares totaling 125 million yuan, with a net outflow of 70.54 million yuan.

"Li Wei" and "Li Gui"

Although Shanghai Xinmei "dip" Nanjiang Group, its share price soared. However, the 21st Century Network survey found that Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanjiang Group, could not escape the suspicion of "Li Gui".

According to the introduction of Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. on its official website, the graphene products produced by it are graphene microchips, which are multi-layer graphene structures, but the characteristics of graphene, such as conductivity, heat conduction, light transmission and softness. It is well maintained and can be widely used as an industrial raw material in various existing base materials to improve the performance of existing materials.

In fact, graphene and graphene microchips, the difference between the two words is a thousand miles.

Graphene is thin and hard, and can be widely used in various fields, such as ultra-thin and ultra-light aircraft materials, ultra-light body armor, etc., and is regarded as an important material for the future transformation of electronic products.

According to previous media reports, the concept of "large graphene" can be divided into: graphene microchips, graphene oxide, graphene. In the perspective of international academic research, the latter is the true meaning of graphene.

According to the data, graphene microchips refer to ultrathin graphene layered deposits with more than 10 layers of carbon layers and thicknesses ranging from 5 to 100 nanometers; graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms. The structure is a two-dimensional material with only one carbon atom thickness. In fact, it can also be seen as a mixture of multi-layer graphene sheets and graphite. The current difficulty in international academic research is how to separate graphene from multiple layers.

Also confusing this concept, there is also the Nandu Power Supply, which is intentionally or unintentionally “clear and unclear”.

In September 2012, Nandu Power Company applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for two invention patents, “A negative electrode plate for lead carbon nanotubes containing lead graphene composite materials” and “a lead graphene composite material”.

In its patent introduction of "a lead graphene composite material", it is said that each graphene sheet contains 1-50 carbon atom layers; the lead graphene composite material of the invention can achieve effective combination of lead particles and graphene sheets. And it is possible to achieve more uniform mixing with the negative electrode active material of a lead-acid battery such as lead powder.

It can be seen that the patent of Nandu Power is also graphene microchips rather than graphene, and the concepts are quite different.

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