Tianjin Emilia Radiator teach you to identify the merits of the four major advantages of radiator

November 21, 2020

First, the quality of the heating radiator material. Since the process and flow of cast iron radiators are relatively simple, we will not say much here. Among the new types of radiators, steel radiators require low-carbon high-quality steel. High-carbon steel cannot be used because it is easily corroded and not strong enough to cause problems during use.
Second, the quality of heating radiator spray. Spraying on the surface is a place that some consumers pay much attention to, because good spraying not only effectively prevents the invasion of water and oxygen, protects the material from corrosion, and the colourful radiator gives the home a nice decoration. Perfect artwork, from a practical perspective or a decorative point of view, good spraying is very important. Radiator spraying is the use of imported special radiator plastic powder, the surface is bright, such as porcelain, and durable wear, never fade, even after more than 10 years, still bright as new.
Third, the level of anti-corrosion technology in heating radiators. This is a technology that tests the true strength of a manufacturer. A good internal anti-corrosion can not only protect the radiator, but also protect the radiator from ionization in the water. It can stand the test of time and not fall off for decades. Radiator is not infringed. At present, the manufacturers with the best internal anti-corrosion technology except for several major brands such as Sende, according to China's heating water quality status, introduced a new internal anti-corrosion radiator, its superior anti-corrosion ability, can be applied to the vast Some hot water heating systems have solved the problem of restrictions on the use of steel radiators in China.
Fourth, the quality of heating radiator brand services. Good products, good quality, are inseparable from good service, good service to create a good reputation, good reputation to promote the development of the brand.

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