Three-leaf Roots blower schematic

December 24, 2020

Recently, I saw some customers who didn't know much about Roots Blower and wanted to know how the Mitsubishi Roots blower worked. The result of Baidu's search was varied. Today, Reedo Xiaobian gave everyone a simple explanation of the three-lobe type. The operating principle of the Citroen fan is that the operation principle of the Roots blower is the same. Different types of Roots blowers will have different structures, but the basic principle is to be considered. First of all, let's look at the theory given by Roots Blower Encyclopedia: Roots blower is a volume rotary blower. This type of compressor keeps the two rotors in mesh by the synchronizing gear at the rotor shaft end. Each concave surface of the rotor forms a working volume with the inner wall of the cylinder. During the rotation of the rotor, the gas is taken away from the suction port. When moving to the vicinity of the exhaust port and the exhaust port, the pressure is higher due to the higher pressure. The gas returns, at which point the pressure in the working volume suddenly rises and the gas is then delivered to the exhaust passage. The two rotors do not contact each other, and they are sealed by tightly controlled gaps. Therefore, the discharged gas is not contaminated by the lubricating oil. In simple terms, it means that a pair of impellers will force the gas from one end to the other and force it to transport. This principle was proposed by the Roots brothers in the United States, so it is called the Roots principle. The blower made using the Roots principle is called a Roots blower. The rotor of the initial Roots blower is a pair of two-lobe rotors. Now it is basically a three-lobe Roots rotor, which has greatly improved in noise, vibration and other aspects. But the basic principle remains unchanged. 2. Pre-intake principle: The pre-inlet compression method is mainly proposed to improve the blowback impact characteristics of the fan. In the process of moving the cell volume (the enclosed space enclosed by the impeller and the casing and the wall plate) from the air inlet to the air outlet, it is pre-introduced into the interior through the air guide opening in the casing or wall panel. The high-pressure gas is such that its internal pressure gradually reaches or nearly equalizes with the pressure of the exhaust port before the volume of the element communicates with the exhaust port. The internal structure of the Roots blower is actually very simple. Look below through an exploded view (below). Driven by the motor, the impeller is driven. The gray part is the air to be transported. After turning, we find that The air is transported from one end to the other. This exploded view clearly shows the air transport inside the three-leaf Roots blower. If the impeller above works continuously, the following animation diagram will appear, as shown in the figure: The Roots blower is composed of 4 parts such as casing, wall plate, impeller, and inlet and outlet muffler. Chassis: mainly used to support the wall plate, impeller, muffler and fixed role. Wallboard: It is mainly used to connect the casing and the impeller, and supports the rotation of the impeller, as well as the effect of sealing the end face. Impeller: It is the rotating part of the Roots blower. It is divided into two leaves and three leaves. Now it has gradually replaced the two-leaf Roots blower because it has many advantages such as smaller pulsation, less noise and smooth operation than the two leaves. Muffler: Reduces the noise generated by the pulsation of the gas flow in and out of the Roots blower. Three-leaf Roots blower also has a lot of styles such as: belt connected transmission, direct-linked transmission, there are some differences, the next one is East China fan belt drive type Roots blower. Above is the air inlet, the following is the air outlet, where the Jingong fan Xiaobian also need to explain, above we see the pictures are without silencer, and the following picture is equipped with silencer after the three-leaf Roots blower.

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