The trend of the home improvement market in 2013

March 14, 2019

The trend of the home improvement market in 2013 The home improvement market in 2013 is still affected by inflationary pressures and the downturn in the upstream property market, and there will be some changes in the fashion trends.

"Nature" and "Ecology"

Interpretation: Now that the environmental pollution is very serious, the food and drug problems that have recently emerged have caused us to pay more attention to natural and primitive ecology. The natural appearance and natural materials of all kinds of furniture products in the home life can convey a sincere quality, giving people the feeling of environmental protection and being close to nature, and also the people who live in the city are longing for.

When people are more concerned about the ecological environment and the conservation of natural resources, the awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development should be an important prerequisite for contemporary furniture design.

An analysis of the trend of the home improvement market in 2013: "Neoclassic" and "New Chinese"

Interpretation: It is an era combining classical and modern. The modern interpretation of classical home style is already the highlight of modern decoration design. It can satisfy people's pursuit of modern fashion and also like the requirements of classical charm.

Wardrobe, TV cabinets and other furniture products, with exquisite decoration and beautiful materials, more material, more user-friendly features. On the basis of classical style, the colors also broke the classical style, adding a modern feeling - younger, richer and more popular. In the decorative design, the classical embroidery and carving are equal to the combination of modern technology, giving the interior space more cultural heritage and modern emotions.

"Combination" and "Module"

Interpretation: The lack of natural resources and the rising awareness of environmental protection have resulted in revolutionary development of furniture materials, and also involve processing and technology. Modularity is the new trend of modern furniture, and the combination of modules can quickly and easily change the living space.

The strengthening of environmental awareness, the reduction of indoor space, the unusual sense of style, and the need for greater storage space make modular furniture a requirement, allowing people to use modular design in limited space, making full use of the hidden space, Clever use of corners, changing the spatial structure of the building itself. More and more people want to have flexible modular furniture products and customize the overall home into fashion mainstream.

"Flexible" and "round"

Interpretation: Flexible and mellow organisms are wonderful things created by nature. They have infinite charm, and they are also custom-made closet product trends to satisfy everyone's favorite lifestyle as much as possible. At the same time, it can also highlight individuality, cater to the different needs of different people in the era of personalized consumption, and give more room for interior decoration decoration. However, the neutral color is a mainstream direction of design. Many decoration styles and furniture have a neutral color. Neutral colors with different depths and shades can be flexibly used. People can relax in such a space and enjoy high-end comfort and quietness.

Interpretation of traditional craftsmanship and fashion design: More and more designers excavate traditional materials and techniques through modern design concepts. On the basis of the continuation of the traditional design style, we use unique regional styles of traditional carving (wood carvings, stone carvings), paintings, and manual craftsmanship to find inspiration for home and interior design, to design in a wider range of areas, and design materials from the local area. Natural materials have expanded to internationally popular wood, stone, metal, and bamboo. The design style is also more fashionable.

These furniture designs not only give people a different sense of space, but also use their ingenious combination to design a unique fashion space with a charm.

The Department of Product Design and Systems Interpretation: Using the strategy of design innovation, improving the process of design innovation, improving the ability to design innovation, and directly creating new product markets.

With the maturing of the Chinese furniture industry, entrepreneurs in custom wardrobes must switch their thinking, switch from furniture design and development issues to service development, and increase product added value. In the initial stage of the market, the final success of products such as customized wardrobes depends on the terminal feedback, consumer demand and problem solving methods. The terminal integrated solution is its fundamental, and the most important thing is that the furniture company must have design strategy and design innovation.

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