The support bearing skill of the single sheet main roller is clarified

January 15, 2021

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The support bearing skill of the single sheet main roller is clarified

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The support bearing skill of the single-sheet main roller is clarified: the superiority of the single-sheet offset layout has become the primary product of the printing machinery. The printing quality is also constantly promoted. The domestic offset printing original monochromatic two-color machine produces color machine multi-color machine to carry out single-sheet offset printing. Color group primary printing plate blanket rubber roller pressure roller transfer roller ink accessory system composition main roller operation accuracy directly affects the quality of printing quality liquid dynamic pressure bearing common shaft shell with sheet-fed offset printing machine because of its layout superiority More and more become the primary product of printing machinery; and the demand for print quality is also constantly promoted. Domestic offset printing machine manufacturers also from the original monochrome machine, two-color machine production to four-color machine, multi-color machine. Leaflet Each color group of the paper offset printing machine is mainly composed of a plate cylinder, a blanket cylinder, a pressure roller, a transfer roller and other ink and accessory systems. The working accuracy of the main roller directly affects the quality of the printing; whether overprinting can occur There is no direct connection between the netting and the coloring. The domestic and foreign famous printing machine manufacturers have the need for the accuracy of the main roller. The bearings that support the main drum play a vital role; in order to improve the quality of the printer and add more added value; many printer manufacturers are willing to improve the bearing demand at all costs.
Following the development of the history of sheetfed offset presses; the main roller bearings have also experienced many innovations, from the recent brass plain bearings to roller bearings; from needle bearings to roller bearings; from single bearings to combined bearings; Ring bearing to three ring pain bearing. The accuracy of the roller bearing is getting higher and higher; the device is more and more convenient; the protection is more and more simple.
One. Needle bearing needle roller bearing rigidity is much better than tapered roller bearing because of its small roller diameter; and the double-column misaligned needle roller bearing developed by the bearing company makes its rigidity comparable to that of copper sleeve sliding bearing. The comparison of the needle bearing; the needle roller grouping of the needle roller bearing used for the printing machine roller support is higher than the general one. The needle roller grouping of the general needle roller bearing is in units of 2 μm; and the needle roller grouping of the printing machine is 1 μm. For the unit. In this way, after selecting the appropriate needle roller grouping, the bearing clearance can be less than 1μm; such work accuracy is required by high-quality printers. There are more groupings of needle bearings; this will naturally reduce the processing requirements for wallboard.
two. The use of roller bearing needle roller bearings; still makes printer manufacturers annoyed with the need for high-precision jackets; and experienced installations to find suitable needle roller groups. In order to deal with this problem; bearing manufacturers developed The roller bearing support of the outer ring integrated flange. The roller bearing can be pre-tightened to achieve good precision and rigidity. It can also use the tapered inner ring; to adjust the bearing clearance easily. This treatment plan is completely The ability to complete the zero clearance of the printing cylinder bearing. The flanged outer ring is used by the printer manufacturer to handle the device and the smooth problem. Manroland, Heidelberg, Japan Libybi and domestic Beiren models are widely used. This bearing. Its roller bearing support plan has become the main flow plan for the roller support in the printing machine.
three. The integrated unit is the same as the automotive industry and other industries; printer manufacturers also need to supply more simple modular components like the same fine product supplier to reduce the errors and moments of factory assembly; reduce the rework rate; then promote power, Decrease cost. In order to satisfy this demand, the bearing manufacturer supplies the drum support unit with higher precision; easier installation and protection. For example, the three-ring pain bearing unit developed by the bearing company. The bearing unit integrates the bearing and The painful sleeve; not only has the effect of supporting the roller; it can also complete the function of the roller gathering pressure and registering. Its superiority has been widely accepted by the printing machine manufacturers. The models of KBA, Manroland and the new machine of Heidelberg The bearing unit is now used on the plate cylinder or blanket cylinder. In the modification of the old model; this three-ring bearing support has become the first choice. Currently there is no performance, device application, Protection has a better plan than this bearing unit. The use of labyrinth seals and cylindrical rollers makes it smooth for oil; it can also be smooth and smooth; Protection. Excellent smoothness also makes the life of this bearing the longest in various plans. It makes the printer manufacturer's demand for precision move from its own processing and equipment production line to the bearing production line for producing fine products such as bearings. This is also in line with the intensification of modern industry.
The above is the various treatment plans for the main roller support of the printing machine. The printing machine has high requirements for its own precision; the support for the rotating and linear moving parts has high requirements. The above processing plan can fully handle the domestic printing machine manufacturers. It is more demanding of its own characteristic products.

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