The role of safety helmets and precautions for use

August 27, 2019

The role of hard hat

1. Buffer shock absorption: There is a gap of 25~50mm between the cap shell and the cap liner. When the object hits the safety helmet, the cap shell will not directly affect the top of the head due to the force deformation.

2. Dispersion stress: The cap shell is oval or hemispherical, and the surface is smooth. When the object falls on the cap shell, the object can not stay and immediately fall; and the cap shell is subjected to the impact of the impact point to pass around, through the cap liner The buffering force can be reduced by more than 2/3. The rest of the force is transmitted to the skull of the person through the entire area of ​​the cap lining. This changes the focus point to the stress surface, thereby avoiding the stress concentration at a certain point on the cap. , reducing the force per unit area.

3. Biomechanics: The national standard requires helmets to absorb 4900N. This is because of biological tests, the maximum limit of the human cervical spine when the force exceeds the limit, the cervical spine will be injured, the light will cause spasms, and the serious ones are life-threatening.

Safety helmet precautions

Selecting a suitable qualified safety helmet should also be used correctly in order to function as a safety helmet and ensure the safety of the user. Use the helmet should pay attention to the following principles:

1. Before wearing, check whether the parts of the helmet are damaged, whether the assembly is firm, whether the cap lining adjustment part is tight, whether the socket is secure, and whether the string is tight, if the distance between the cap liner and the cap shell is not 25 Between ~50mm, adjust the top rope to the specified range. Make sure that all components are ready for use.

2. According to the size of the user's head, adjust the length of the cap hoop to the appropriate position (moderately tight). Safety helmets worn by high-altitude personnel should have chin straps and back-neck hoops and should be fastened to prevent the caps from slipping and falling off.

3. When the helmet is subjected to a heavy impact during use, the use of the helmet should be stopped and the damaged helmet replaced if it is found that the cap has cracks or deformation. The use of general helmets does not exceed three years.

4. The helmet should not be stored in acid, alkali, high temperature (above 50 °C), direct sunlight, moisture, etc., to avoid heavy objects or pins.

5. The cap and cap liner can be washed with cold water and warm water (below 50°C). Do not bake on the radiator to prevent deformation of the cap.

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