The number of imported centerless grinding machines in Dongguan this year has tripled from the previous four years.

November 30, 2018

Up to now, the number and value of centerless grinders imported from Dongguan Port in 2010 have increased by 213% and 666% respectively compared with the total imports from 2006 to 2009, showing a rapid growth trend. However, the resulting security risks have not been ruled out. Yesterday, the Dongguan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau informed reporters that when inspecting the grinding machine, it was found that some of the grinding machines did not have the necessary safety protection equipment and automatic feeders. Once the human body is close to the grinding wheel that runs at high speed, it is very prone to personal safety accidents. Therefore, once the bureau has investigated and found that there is a safety hazard in the equipment, it will be prohibited from flowing into the Dongguan market.

According to reports, the centerless grinding machine is a kind of grinding machine that does not need to use the axis of the workpiece for grinding. Due to its fast running speed and high production efficiency, the market share has increased rapidly recently. Many enterprises in Dongguan are also equipped with such grinding machines. . However, in the actual import process, because some consignees are equipment agents, or enterprises that use such equipment for the first time, they do not know the national standard requirements and the characteristics of such equipment, and they do not indicate safety protection when signing the contract. The requirements have caused the equipment with potential safety hazards to flow into the import chain.

In response to the growth momentum of imported centerless grinding machines and possible safety hazards, Dongguan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that it will strengthen law enforcement and strictly implement the inspection of the arrival of the centerless grinding machine. On the one hand, the equipment user is required to immediately study and formulate and implement corrective measures until the safety hazard is eliminated. On the other hand, the user of the device is contacted by the manufacturer to eliminate the safety hazard before the device leaves the factory, and to maximize the safety of the user. In addition, the bureau will also make a risk warning and strengthen the inspection and supervision of imported centerless grinding machines.

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