Skill analysis: bearing clearance _ bearing internal clearance

October 09, 2019

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Skill analysis: bearing clearance _ bearing internal clearance

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Bearing clearance_bearing internal clearance

The definition of the internal clearance of the bearing is the total spacing between the bearing ring and the other bearing ring in the radial (radial clearance) or axial (axial clearance).
Regarding the bearing clearance; it is necessary to distinguish the internal clearance of the bearing in front of the device from the internal clearance of the bearing that reaches the operating temperature after the device (working clearance). The initial internal clearance (before the device) is greater than the working clearance; Interference cooperation and the different thermal expansion of the bearing ring and associated components will cause the bearing ring to swell or shorten.
In order to make the imported bearings work well; radial clearance is very important. General principle; ball bearings should always have a working clearance equal to zero; perhaps a slight preload. On the other hand; cylindrical, spherical and CARB toroidal roller bearings There should always be some remaining clearance during operation, no matter how small. Tapered roller bearings are the same; unless they are in rigid bearing equipment; for example, pinion bearing equipment; the bearings in between must have a certain amount of preload during installation.
When the imported bearing equipment is selected for the public relations cooperation advocated; and under normal normal working conditions; the bearing of the general group clearance is selected; the appropriate working clearance can be obtained. If the operation and the condition of the device are different from the normal conditions; for example Both bearing rings use interference cooperation; there are often abnormal temperatures, etc.; the demand is greater or less than the internal clearance of the specification. Under these conditions; the remaining clearance of the imported bearings should be checked after the device.
Bearings other than the general group clearance; generally suffixes C1 to C5 to indicate. Internal clearance of the code suffix internal clearance C1 is less than C2
C2 is smaller than the general group CN general group clearance; generally only used with other letters; indicating that the clearance size is reduced or the offset C3 is greater than the specification C4 is greater than C3
C5 is greater than C4

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