Security measures and methods continue to upgrade passive terahertz weapon

January 09, 2021

The situation of science and technology As the situation in the entire world becomes more and more tense, the demand for security inspections, security inspection technologies, and the urgency of security inspection products are increasing. Both China and overseas are investing more.
Traditional security inspection methods and methods, including: manual security, hand-held metal detectors, metal detection doors, explosive trace detectors, and liquid exploration, all have a single function, low security, and are easily resisted by security personnel. The opportunity to produce radiation and the inability to implement general inspections, etc., can no longer meet the demands of long-distance, zero-touch, and dignity in the construction of smart cities.
Passive THz human body imaging security system uses passive receiving technology, does not generate any radiation to the human body, and uses the human body's own terahertz wave to penetrate the daily clothing materials (cotton, hemp, fiber, leather clothing, etc.) to fill the human body security. The blank in the field is an important supplement to the current security measures.
The passive THz human detector will be an anti-terrorism weapon for counter-terrorism. On March 6, 2018, the U.S. Federal Transport Security Administration and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Telecommunication Bureau jointly tested the ThruVison Passive THz Human Security Detector for crowded public transportation. Detected weapons or explosives carried by **. If deployed in various subway stations in the future, the efficiency of human security can be greatly improved.
Passive THz human security detectors are different from those used in airports today. People who are detected do not need slippers or undressing. In many cases, the people detected by this high-tech instrument basically do not notice the detectors around them. It neither emits any rays nor exposes detailed body structure. For this reason, it will not cause harm to the human body and will not reveal the privacy of the detected person.
ThruVision adopts the world's most advanced terahertz array imaging technology, which can achieve the smallest equipment in the industry, the lightest weight (24KG), the longest imaging distance (15m), the most stable application, and the largest use case (20+ countries ). Details are as follows:
Passive terahertz system has six major advantages: passive, non-intrusive (do not invade privacy); safe and harmless; small size, low power consumption; long distance, zero contact, dignity; metal and non-metal inspection of all materials; .
Application case: Japan, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Georgia, United Kingdom, United States, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, China and other countries are widely used in airports, railway stations, finance, customs, military, police Halls, important meetings, and key events (such as the inauguration of President Trump of the United States in 2017). (Original title: How does the U.S. subway crack human security under heavy traffic?)

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