Road fence development direction

September 19, 2020

Traffic barriers are traffic facilities used to separate vehicles on the street. Its functions include separation, blocking, and warning. With the development of society, the fence has also taken a new direction of development.
"Light" is one of the development directions of traffic barriers, that is, materials should be based on new lightweight materials, to ensure that its superstructure is light, solemn structure; "smart" refers to the guardrail design must be scientific, especially the shape structure At the same time, it is more concise and clear, and it is easier for routine maintenance and inspection; “beauty” naturally requires a beautiful appearance of the guardrail, complements the existing traffic signs on the road, and is best able to function as a cityscape.
“Security” is the initial purpose of setting up traffic barriers on the roads. The guardrails should serve as a warning to alert the driver to the environment, and alert pedestrians to pay attention to safety and prevent pedestrians from crossing the barriers at random; “environmental protection” is in the current environmental conditions. The development direction proposed below requires that the guardrails can be pollution-free from the production, installation, use and maintenance, and protect the environment; “economy” is the scientific selection of suitable materials for children to achieve multi-function coexistence and reduce production costs. The overall investment is saved; “durable” requires the guardrail to withstand environmental pollution during long-term use and to reduce the use and maintenance costs.

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