Reuse the limited space of the foldable bed

June 12, 2019

Getting on and off the bed as a large area of ​​the bedroom space has a furniture, and the serious method of the bedroom space is undoubtedly a headache. However, considering that the bed and bed itself can perform useful cutting operations on its occupied space, there is still a large shopping space in a society where the housing area is greatly tightened.
In order to enable the bedroom space to have more application methods, the layout of the bed and bed has been improved and even changed into a new title that appears in the case of an existing mall. In fact, how to make the layout of the bedroom space useful is a concern for every family who has a good family. As a bed, the basic method of using the bed and bed is to provide everyone with a rest space during sleep. Outside of sleeping, there is often only a seat that takes up space. Then put the bed and bed in the normal days after the application, it will be a very ambitious space situation when placed in use. Of course, in the face of the traditional system of firmware bracket accessories, this situation is not suitable or even will not appear. However, under the development of the spectacle, there is a foldable bed on the market. The main body is composed of bed, ladder and canvas. The bed is double-layered, and the bed of the upper bed is pierced into the bottom. In the bed leg of the bed, the upper end of the four bed legs is provided with a fixed handle, and the bed head can be pushed and pulled elastically. In order to prevent active elasticity, the bed end of the bed is provided with a buckle; the ladder is a chain that can be folded and hung in the The bed or bed where the bed is placed; the canvas is hung on both ends of the bed and the end of the bed. This easy-to-receive folding bed can easily complete the reuse of the bed space, and it will not damage the bed itself. It can be said that it is the key to the power supply of the indoor space.

As the appearance of a folded bed and bed, the conventional method of the fixing method can be said to be a strange impact. This kind of system that can provide a positive boost to the stress reduction of the severe bedroom space is an intriguing idea.

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