Renovation Wallpaper Steps Four wallpaper steps give you a glance

January 31, 2021

With the continuous progress of the times, many people are more environmentally friendly for their living environment. They choose to use wallpaper instead of paint in their decoration. This style of decoration is deeply loved by the owners. There are various styles of wallpaper on the market, and the patterns are also colorful, which can better decorate the unique sense of the wall. What are the decoration wallpaper steps ? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

First, decoration wallpaper steps - wall requirements

Before wallpapering, be sure to clean the wall. Secondly, if the wall is relatively dry, Xiaobian recommends using a wallpaper base film to evenly coat the wall. Wait until the wall is dry before proceeding with construction.

Second, decoration wallpaper steps - cut wallpaper

First, after confirming that there is no difference in the wallpaper model number, arrange the number in order of the number of the wallpaper, and then prepare a paper cutting platform to facilitate the future use of cutting and coating. Second, we must look at the direction of the pattern to distinguish between up and down, and then measure the height of the wall with a steel ruler. Finally, according to the height of the wall and the requirements of the parquet to cut the wallpaper, Xiao Bian to create a cut wallpaper than the height of the wall more than 10cm, so that the upper and lower revisions.

Third, decoration wallpaper steps - adjust glue and brush glue

First equip a container with the appropriate amount of cold water, then add the wallpaper powder and mix it evenly in the same direction to prevent agglomeration. After 20 minutes, use a pair of chopsticks to insert the glue vertically. If the chopsticks do not fall, it means that the viscosity is suitable and you can use it. Then you can brush the glue, and let the glue penetrate and soften the base paper before brushing. Secondly, the dipping time of the wallpaper must be the same, the time is generally 3 minutes to 10 minutes, then the rubberizing machine is used for gluing, and finally the wallpaper is folded on both sides for a few minutes.

Fourth, decoration wallpaper steps - wallpaper paste

The construction of the first wallpaper is usually started from the corner of the wall, while drawing a vertical line on the wall. It should be noted that the same room cannot have more than two simultaneous constructions. Then the wallpaper is affixed to the wall and rolled with the special roller from the same direction of the wallpaper until all the bubbles are pressed out, so that the wallpaper clings to the wall tightly, and finally the excess wallpaper is cut. If there is a switch box on the wall, we should remove the switch box first, then paste the wallpaper and cut off the excess wallpaper, and then install the switch box.

Editor's summary: The above is about the decoration of wallpaper decoration steps , I hope friends can like, if you need to learn more about the wallpaper related knowledge, you can always pay attention to us, the back of the article will be more exciting oh.

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