"Remedial class" fire safety to keep the bottom line

September 18, 2019

Recently, the Huoli fire brigade in Huzhou organized a half-day intensive training for more than 1,300 newly-launched children's clothing business owners. On the day of training, more than 1,300 children's clothing owners listened attentively to the theoretical teaching of the fire instructors in the auditorium on the first floor of the town's Science and Culture Center.

"Corporate development, fire safety is the bottom line, corporate management personnel as the first person in charge, we must firmly establish the concept of safety development 'benchmark', there must be a sense of responsibility to keep the earth responsible, there must be a sense of safety 'red line' and 'bottom line'. “Zhang Huimin, a town government official in charge of the training, said.

The training aimed at the fact that the newly incorporated children's wear enterprises were weak in fire safety awareness. The fire brigade meticulously produced the children's clothing owners' fire safety education and training courseware. The training included theoretical indoctrination, case analysis, class discussion, teaching interaction, and other training methods, focusing on children's clothing enterprises. The characteristics of fire hazards, how to handle them after a fire, and the key links that need to be grasped in the daily fire safety management of a company, and how to escape from the fire and how to organize evacuation are explained in detail.

In order to ensure full training participation in the training, one week before the training, the community supervisors issued circulars for leaflets from house to house. The training site strictly adopted the signing and verification to verify the registration. If the training is not known for the reason, the community safety supervisor will organize a unified organization. Make up for classes" to ensure that the training class does not leave one family member and no one misses.

“Before I didn’t know anything about fire protection, I only paid attention to production and paid attention to the benefits. The fire brigade organized our fire drills at zero distances. The results were very good. This will not only increase the understanding between the owners, but also guide the work. New understanding, education and inspiration." After the training, many owners sighed.

“The purpose of this centralized training program is to let these newly-arrived owners of children's clothing enterprises set an example, to be a leader in enterprise fire safety, to mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative in firefighting, and to minimize and reduce fires. "Hazard," said Mao Fenghua, deputy chief of the Zhili Fire Brigade responsible for the lecture.

In the next step, the Zhili Fire Brigade will organize a new round of fire safety training for family-oriented children’s wear enterprises in rural areas on the basis of the newly-arrived training for children’s clothing owners to create fire safety that “everyone pays attention to fire protection and everyone attaches great importance to fire protection”. The atmosphere provides a strong security guarantee for the pilot economic development and rapid development in small towns in Zhili Town.

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