Recognize the 1590 aluminum profile series

September 16, 2020

[China Aluminum Network] has come to Xiaobian and everyone to introduce aluminum profiles! Let's go for a look at the two models in the 15G series!

1590 aluminum profile word number: QY-6-1590G, is also the trough 6 series of national standard aluminum profiles. Its size is 15mm wide * 90mm long, which is the size of the cross-section, generally the aluminum plant pulls out the 6-meter long section, but can be cut according to the customer's needs.

The 1590 aluminum profile is suitable for frame assembly of light structures. Such as hoods, instrument racks, display bars, etc., simple and elegant, often used as a countertop. Some simple knowledge Xiaobian share it! Let's take a look at the connection method of this accessory!


The 1590 aluminum profiles are generally equipped with sets of bolts and nuts which are usually made of M5 and M6 square nuts with the opposite sides of 10mm and high-strength cylinder heads with hexagon socket bolts. Xiao Bian said that you may not be very understanding, Xiao Bian and then give an example to describe it! How to connect the two 1590G GB aluminum profiles into an L-shape after they are cut into 45-degree angles? First we need to prepare two 1590G GB aluminum profiles with two ends cut at a 45-degree angle. Prepare a set of national standard 30-10F-M4\M5\M6 square nuts and M4\M5\M6 high-strength cylindrical head Hexagon socket bolts and 30 series. Corner pieces. The above is the preparation work, now began to assemble, directly in the 90 side into the corresponding square nuts, hexagon socket bolts and angle pieces, the two 1590G GB aluminum profile two ends cut into 45 degree angle L-type connection is completed! 1590 aluminum I-shaped there are many in the way of connection like 10F series T-nut and cylinder head Hexagon bolt, but also can use 10F series T-bolt and flange nut connection.

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