Reasons for the self-explosion of inferior shower room tempered glass

July 10, 2019

The automatic explosion of tempered glass under the action of no direct mechanical external force is called self-explosion of tempered glass. Self-explosion is one of the inherent characteristics of tempered glass. There are many reasons for self-explosion. The collection of St. Leia and the combination of professional knowledge simply summarize the following three types:

(A), the impact of glass quality defects

1. There are stones and impurities in the glass.

Impurities in the glass are the weak points of the tempered glass and also the stress concentration. In particular, if the stone is in the tensile stress zone of the tempered glass, it is an important factor leading to the cracking. Tempered glass is sourced from the world's top ten glass manufacturers with high purity.

2. The glass contains nickel sulfide crystals.

Nickel sulfide inclusions generally exist as crystalline small spheres and have a metallic appearance. If these impurities are inside the tensile stress of the tempered glass, volume expansion may cause spontaneous bursting.

3, the surface of the glass due to processing or improper operation caused by scratches, blasts, deep explosions and other defects, easy to cause stress concentration or lead to tempered glass self-explosion.

(2) Uneven distribution and offset of stress in tempered glass

The temperature gradient generated by the glass in the direction of the thickness of the glass when heated or cooled is uneven and asymmetrical. The tempered products have a tendency to self-explosion, and some produce "wind explosion" when chilled. The tempered glass forms a self-explosion if the tensile stress zone is offset to one side of the article or offset to the surface.

(3) The influence of the degree of tempering

The effect of the degree of tempering, the experiment proves that when the degree of tempering is increased to 1 / cm, the number of self-explosion is 20-25%. It can be seen that the greater the stress, the higher the degree of tempering and the larger the self-explosion.  

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