Plantini teaches you how to repair leather

November 23, 2020

With the improvement of our living standards, more and more high-end leather products representing the atmosphere have appeared in our lives more and more frequently. We have become very common materials, such as sofas, beds, and automobiles. If these leather appliances are damaged, it will affect the appearance and the quality of the products. However, he can repair it. Below, Plantini explained the leather repair method for everyone.


(1) Whether leather garments, leather shoes, leather bags or leather sofas, if you need to repair the first process before renovation, you must use a professional degreasing wax cleaner to clean the leather surface.

(2) repair cracks, break copper, the leather repair cream wiper blade tool evenly coated or added to the damage of the leather surface (scratch coating damage area, the scope can not be too much scraping), to be dry (drying available hair dryer ) Smooth it with fine sand. Goodway leather has a strong surface covering effect, a small volume shrinkage, and a good grinding performance. After the coating is dry, it can be completely combined with the leather, and it will not harden the leather. It will scratch the leather surface. Cracks, knife wounds and holes, as well as hot smoke can be quickly filled to restore the smooth surface of the leather, after the repair, please use with the color change agent.


(3) When the car leather seat is damaged and damaged, it can be repaired by sticking.

1, the minor crack of the replenishment. When there are tiny cracks in the leather seat, the cracks should be laid flat on the desk, and acrylic resin should be applied to the cracks. Then the cracks should be aligned and dried with a hair dryer. After drying, there is no place for cracks. Looking for.

2, the larger break the sticky. When there is a big break in the leather seat, flatten the break on the desk first, take a piece of the minor spinning lining slightly larger than the break, put the pad from the opening into the padding under the break, and then put the leather The adhesive is applied to the break and the seam is aligned. And put a layer of cotton cloth on top of the break, press the hot type with the iron, remove the cloth after the leather surface is smooth, and dry it with a hair dryer. If traces can be coated with the same color paste to achieve the principle of no visible signs of damage.

Leather repair methods are introduced here, these are all very practical methods of life, because more and more leather products, master these methods, will bring a lot of convenience for the day. If you want to learn more about furniture , you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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