Personal information leaked and blackmailed for job search to keep information confidential

April 23, 2020

The intimidation text messages received were accompanied by detailed personal information. Yesterday, Ms. Huang, who lives in Xinhua Road, Hankou, said that the person who sent the text messages threatened that if she did not give the other party 300 yuan as required, she would use various methods to distribute Rumors that hurt her reputation.

Less than a year after Miss Huang graduated from university, yesterday morning, she received a text message from a person whose phone number is 1743. In the text message, her real name, all her colleges are listed and all the information is accurate. The person who texted said that he had mastered various networks of Miss Huang, and if Miss Huang did not pay according to his requirements, he would make rumors to related personnel or departments by various means.

Miss Huang said that she usually registers on the forum and never fills in information other than the registered name and password, and the other party is unlikely to obtain her information from these channels. But she recalled that she had filled in detailed personal information on some job search websites not long ago.

The reporter contacted a job search network, and the staff of the customer service department said that if the resume submitted by the job seeker is set to be private, only the recruitment staff of the company delivered can see it; if it is set to public, all companies can see it. However, recruiting staff needs to pay a certain fee to obtain the personal contact information of job applicants.

The reporter reflected this situation to the police. The police of the network supervision department said that many people now like to apply for jobs online. When filling in the information online, you must first see whether the other party's setting range is confidential and open to everyone. When filling in some important data, be sure to ask the other party's online customer service to avoid leaks.

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