Ou Guanhuan's choice of tips for the maintenance of the Champions League tiles

January 10, 2021

Everyone recently renovated the house, need to go to the market to buy the favorite tiles, then what is the Champions League tile , friends have learned that this Champions League tile is not there, let our decoration home network Xiaobian to introduce to friends It is the Champions League tile, and there are some shopping tips about this Champions League tile. What are the maintenance methods for our Champions League tiles with our friends in the future? Below our article is a detailed introduction to the Champions League tiles. Please see.


First, the introduction of Champions League tiles

1. Sichuan Ouguan Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in Yuyu Industrial Zone, Jixian County, the first city of Wanli Yangtze River. It is a modern building ceramics manufacturer integrating product research and development, production, sales and service.

2. The company has been approved by the Development and Reform Commission of Yibin City to plan and construct 10 ceramic tile production lines with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, which will be constructed in three phases. The total investment of the first phase project is about 250 million yuan, and 2 production lines will be built. The high-grade interior wall tiles of Nissan will be 25,000 square meters, and the high-grade full-glazed glazed tiles and antique bricks will be 15,000 square meters, with thousands of varieties. The company occupies a total area of ​​about 600 acres, with a total construction area of ​​about 350,000 square meters, and a research and development, display and logistics service area of ​​about 18,000 square meters.

3. The company cooperated with Guangdong Zhongyao Kiln Co., Ltd. in the whole line project, and invested heavily in the introduction of the most advanced equipment and technology at home and abroad. It has 2 automatic production lines, 5 3800 tons presses and 3 inkjet printing machines. It was officially put into operation in April 2013.

4, the company's product specifications: 300X450mm, 300 X600 mm, 400 X 800 mm and other high-grade interior wall tiles and 300X300mm supporting small floor tiles, 600 X 600 mm, 800 X800 mm, 300 X 1200mm and other high-grade full polished glazed tiles, antique bricks And supporting products. It is widely used in modern and warm homes, luxury hotels, large shopping malls and modern buildings. It is an ideal choice for architectural decoration materials.

Second, the European crown ceramic tile purchase method

1, look at the level identification

Tiles are divided into five grades, which are the difference between superior products, first-class products, second-class products, third-class products and other foreign products. Because of the large price difference, it needs to be carefully compared. In addition, when purchasing, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the logo and the specifications and color numbers on the tile and the package are consistent, and whether the product certification, trademark and quality inspection are clear.

2, look at the size

The size of the specification is not conducive to construction, but also reflects the decorative effect. The good specification deviation is small, the layout is uniform, the brick joint is straight, and the decorative effect is good. For products with a dimensional error greater than 0.5 mm and a flatness greater than 0.1 mm, unfairness will increase the difficulty of construction and the effect after renovation will be poor.

Whether the size meets the standard can be judged by the target. Place the brick on a flat surface to see if its four sides fit perfectly into the flat surface. Also, see if the four corners of the tile are right angles. Good newspaper tiles have no defects such as bumps, bulges, and warps. The side length error does not exceed 0.2---0.3 mm, and the thickness error does not exceed 0.1 mm.

The higher the accuracy of the length of the tile, the better the effect after the paving. Buying high-quality tiles is not only easy to construct, but also saves working hours and accessories. Use a tape measure to measure the size of each tile around the difference, the highest accuracy is the top grade.


3, see the cost

The price of floor tiles can range from a few dollars to a few hundred squares. It is generally recommended to use 50.00-90.00/square for kitchen and bathroom. The labor costs of floor tiles are 40/square. If you buy floor tiles below 35, you will waste cement. The living room is recommended to be 80.00/square or more, and the quality is guaranteed.

4, look at the style

This is related to the overall style of the home: rural, modern minimalist style. Most of the pastoral styles are: matt bricks are the main (matte interior wall + antique brick), modern minimalist style: light bricks, interior wall tiles + polished tiles.

Third, the European crown tile maintenance method

1, surface cleaning

Tiles stained with stains should be removed in time. Depending on the nature of the stain, choose a suitable cleaner to remove. Acid-alkaline detergent can effectively remove the stain on the tile surface, but since the acid-base component may cause corrosion on the tile surface, it should not be used frequently. More acid-base cleaner should be used. Daily cleaning can be done with household detergents, soaps, etc. If a solution with strong dyeability such as ink is sprinkled on the brick surface, it should be wiped off immediately. Add a little ammonia or the like to the mixture of linseed oil and turpentine to make the tile more shiny and more decontaminating.

2, gap processing

The gap between the tiles is where the dirt and bacteria accumulate the most, so pay special attention to cleaning and maintenance. The main raw material is putty and white cement, so it is difficult to scrub the dirt on it. After the tile is laid and cleaned daily, a waterproofing agent can be brushed in the gap to prevent water and mildew. Gap that is often susceptible to stains can be applied to the tile joints with a candle to prevent excessive stain adhesion.

3, wear and repair

Tile surface tends to be uneven due to friction, accumulation, etc., such as a slight scratch on the brick surface, apply toothpaste on the scratch, and wipe it with a soft dry cloth. Regular waxing of floor tiles (polished tiles) can provide long-lasting protection. The time interval is 2 to 3 months, which can effectively restore the surface gloss of the tiles and prolong the service life of the tiles.

There are many types of ceramic tiles, but this small series introduces you to the advantages of the Champions League tiles. How about the selection techniques of this Champions League tile and the maintenance methods of our Champions League tiles, our friends I have already learned about it in the article, I hope I can help my friends. Everyone continues to pay attention to our decoration home network to learn more about decoration.

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