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September 16, 2020

The most common plastic materials commonly used in plastic grades and uses

Plastic raw material - low density polyethylene LDPE


Plastic grade

Characteristics and uses

Common film


Used in agricultural film, shrink film, transparent film, laminated film, coextruded multilayer film and medical packaging, various packaging bags, blends of LLDPE, injection molding; cross-linking with silane and peroxide Power cable insulation


LD160 LD160aS

Suitable for lining, transparent film, laminated film, ultra-thin film, cast film, various packaging bags and injection molding


Blending for general purpose film products


Universal film material for making light packaging film, agricultural film, etc.


Contains slip agent, opening agent, can be used as daily packaging


Contains slip agent, opening agent, can be used as a laminate film, cryo-packing film and shopping bags, etc.

Transparent film


For blow molding, high transparent light film

Shrink film / heavy packaging film


For shrink film


Used for heavy packaging film, shrink film, greenhouse film and cable material


For pipe coating, cable material, lining, agricultural film, heavy-duty film and heavy-duty shrink film, etc.


Contains slip agent, opening agent, can be used as daily packaging

Injection molding and film


Suitable for all kinds of films and small products



Injection molding grade for daily packaging



For foaming, injection molding and film


For foaming, injection molding and film

Cable material

LD100BW / LD200BW

For cable materials


Extrusion grade for use as crosslinked cable


Injection molding grade for cross-linking cable material



Used for coating, coating of textile bags, etc.


It can be used in the fields of food, medicine and liquid aseptic packaging.


Used for coating, making textile bags

High melting injection molding


Excellent fluidity and processability for injection molding and masterbatch production

Plastic raw material - linear low density polyethylene LLDPE


Plastic grade

Characteristics and uses

Agricultural film


Add opening agent for agricultural film, packaging film, etc.


Film grade, suitable for all kinds of agricultural film, plastic film, daily packaging bag, garbage bag and various injection molded parts, film products, agricultural small-diameter drainage pipes, etc.


Contains no slip agent for the production of agricultural film, packaging film, etc.


High film level, slip agent and anti-adhesive agent, suitable for lining, garment bags and various packaging films with film thickness as low as 12 microns; and can be blended with LDPE

Shed film


For general packaging film


Used in agricultural greenhouse film, heavy packaging bags, industrial liner bags and blends


For shed film, heavy packaging film, etc.


Used in film, blown film, greenhouse film, mulch film, shrink wrap film and wrapping bag, construction worker protection belt, irrigation tube, co-extruded film, etc.


Used for mulch film, greenhouse film and heavy duty packaging bags, food bags


7042 powder

Contains no antioxidants, used in agricultural film, packaging film and tube

1820 powder

For agricultural film and packaging film

1875 powder

For agricultural film

Plastic raw material - high density polyethylene HDPE


Plastic grade

Characteristics and uses

Wire drawing


Extrusion molding for ropes with high mechanical strength and monofilaments for mesh

Injection molding


Injection molding grade for furniture, general containers, totes, pallets, helmets, daily necessities, etc.


For household appliances, daily necessities


Injection molding grade for various industrial or civil cases, such as totes, etc.


Injection molding grade for fish tanks, crates, totes


Injection molding grade for fish tanks, crates, totes


Easy to process, small deformation, high density, good rigidity; suitable for turnover boxes, household daily necessities, especially suitable for milk beer and other bottled turnover boxes


Easy to process, small deformation, high density, good rigidity; suitable for turnover boxes, household daily necessities, especially suitable for milk beer and other bottled turnover boxes


Suitable for injection molding products such as crates, crates, plastic pallets, etc.


High hardness, good impact strength and blow resistance; used for large-scale bar box, general industrial parts shipping turnover box

Hollow class


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