New safety overload tapping chuck technology and its working principle

November 30, 2018

Safety Overload Tapping Collet Overview

When the tap is working, the main resistance is the torque, and the cutting force of the tap is different from other tools. It is not controlled by the machine feed mechanism, so the tapping chuck for connecting the machine tool and the tap starts from the tapping process. A vital role.

Old-fashioned tapping chucks are usually used. It consists of a chuck body, a clutch member, a butterfly spring member, a tip member, a adjusting nut member, a chuck seat member and the like. During operation, the butterfly spring is pressurized by adjusting the nut, and the clutch is tightened to complete the tapping. Because the tapping chuck transmission system is simple, the fitting precision is low, and there is no safety system, it can only be used on general drilling machines and common equipment, and can not guarantee that the tap does not break when tapping; the tension is controlled by adjusting the nut to control the pressure generation. Size, but there is no accurate data mark, so when the tapping encounters hard material, the tapping is blocked, and the tap is slipping, the nut can only be adjusted by experience to increase the pressure; when the tap is subjected to the torque greater than the pressure generated by the butterfly spring, The engagement between the clutches will be loose and disengaged. If the chuck is mounted on the automatic feed machine, the tap will be broken by the top and affect the quality of the product.

The development of modern manufacturing industry, the extensive application of numerical control equipment urgently requires the development of domestically produced safety system tapping chucks. The following is a description of the development process of this new M tapping chuck from the aspects of working principle and manufacturing difficulties.

How safe overload tapping chucks work

The safety overload tapping chuck is connected by the connecting sleeve member, the transition sleeve member and the scale sleeve member, and the steel ball member is positioned by two bodies.

Working principle: 2 sets of locating pins and 4 screws pass through the coupling sleeve to connect the CNC machine tool spindle with the tapping chuck, so that the connection precision between the tapping chuck and the machine tool is first ensured; the outer sleeve member is pulled, Determine the torque required for tapping, the butterfly spring will be pressed by the force, positioned by the steel ball, linked to the engraved sleeve, for tapping.

The tapping chucks all use the butterfly spring to generate pressure work. The old chucks are driven by the clutch, and the new chucks are linked by steel balls. The clutch fit is gear-shaped, the positioning is not fine, and it is easy to wear. Because only one set of butterfly springs is not evenly loaded, it will not reflect the true force of the butterfly spring and affect the use. The new type of chuck, steel ball is not easy to wear, accurate positioning; each group of 36, a total of 6 sets of contour butterfly springs to ensure uniform force; the scale sleeve is engraved with 200N?m ~ 1400N?m mark, according to the tap The magnitude of the torsion torque is determined by the value of the torsion and locked by the top wire member 39 to prevent loosening.

The new safety overload tapping chuck adds a safety system. In the tapping, when the tap encounters the hard material and the chipping, it is blocked, and the tap does not work, that is, when the torque of the tap is greater than the pressure of the butterfly spring, the scale sleeve with the tap and the transition sleeve are connected to the positioning steel ball. Move the semi-spherical groove of the scale sleeve along the waist groove of the transition sleeve to the plane. At this time, the spindle of the machine tool is still rotating, and the chuck without the safety insurance system will cut the tap; The tapping chuck of the safety system prevents this from happening. When the steel ball moves to the plane, the tap stops rotating and slips, the safety system will start, and the 18 positioning steel balls on the copper sleeve will slide along the transition sleeve and the positioning groove of the connecting sleeve, and the stroke is 25mm~ Between 50mm; due to the rotation of the machine tool, the part of the connecting sleeve and the transition sleeve that is driven is also rotating, and the scale sleeve part is stopped due to the tapping of the tap, which is safely operated by 25mm~50mm. The person will find that the tapping is blocked, and the machine is stopped in time to avoid accidents. Before the work, the screw 1 is adjusted to adjust the safety stroke. The larger the stroke is, the higher the safety factor is.

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