New Nanowires Improve Infrared Detection Sensitivity Civilian "Money" View Appreciable

September 26, 2020

The ever-increasing demand for technology, commercial and civil security monitoring has led to the development and application of infrared detection products and technologies. Major project projects such as the “National Emergency Response System”, “Safety Construction”, “Strengthened Science and Technology Police”, “Internet of Things” and “Smart City” continue to advance throughout the country, creating more market demand and opportunities for infrared detectors.
Infrared detectors are widely used in various fields such as construction, security, home appliances and industrial fields, and have a variety of functions, including motion detection, temperature measurement, counting, and fire/gas detection. Infrared detectors have only basic The motion detection single pixel pyroelectric detector has been developed to be applicable to more complex systems and more diversified high-end equipment markets such as temperature sensing or fire detection, optical detection, and the like.
Recently, the team of Professor Cao Yuancheng of Jianghan University teamed up with Dr. Zhuang Gandong, the principal researcher of the Semiconductor Center at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, to develop new materials that can significantly increase the sensitivity of infrared detection. On April 10th, the British nature website published online their “Indium Arsenic Nanowires Infrared Photodetector Based on Flexible Graphite Substrate”, which will be published in a full text in the “Science Report” of the “Nature” sub-published later this month. .
Cao Yuancheng introduced that indium arsenide nanowires as a high photoelectric conversion efficiency material, is the main object of the scientists, especially carbon-based indium arsenic one-dimensional nanowires, is a research hot spot of highly integrated optoelectronic integrated circuits. However, during the preparation of the above materials, the crystal structure is prone to defects, resulting in the inefficient or non-responsiveness of such materials to light, especially in the medium and long infrared wavelength bands.
Cao Yuancheng's team incorporated germanium in indium arsenide to synthesize a new germanium-doped arsenide indium nanowire, which greatly reduced the structural defects of indium and arsenic nanowires. At the same time, through the self-catalyzed function of germanium, it significantly improved new materials. Infrared photon response. Cao Yuancheng said that this kind of nanowire responds to light with a wavelength of 5.1 microns, covering the entire mid-infrared spectrum. It is currently the longest infrared-responsive nanowire, and can be applied to medium-wavelength infrared and long-wavelength infrared radiation that can efficiently work at room temperature. Photodetectors, infrared emitters, high-sensitivity phototransistors, and the like are ideal materials for the manufacture of various optoelectronic devices.
It is understood that the above research has been applied in practice, such as missile infrared detection and night vision, on the basis of the current, 50% increase in detection sensitivity, so that most of the existing anti-IR camouflage fails, and civil use is more extensive.

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