Netizens broke the most expensive details of decoration hardware

January 28, 2019

Although the ants are small, but that is meat! For the decoration of tricky things, everyone has heard and heard about it. They never thought that they could not let go of the little curtains! Curtains are the last step in building a black hole for building materials. Be careful not to fall into it. The following Xiao Bian shares some experiences with everyone.

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First, how much do curtain prices know?

1, curtain usage

Window height × length × 2 (for beautiful, curtains are generally discounted, so you need to multiply by 2)

2, total curtain price

Curtain track (or curtain rod) + curtain price + cloth price + lead line price + tassel price + special material price (such as decorative buttons, etc.)

3, curtain prices

Domestic 35-55 yuan/m, imported 70-150 yuan/m


4, accessories prices

Cloth with 10 yuan/meter; Lead line 10 yuan/meter; Tassels 10 yuan/meter

5, curtain track (curtain rod)

15-20 yuan/meter

Calculate according to the above formula, choose 35 yuan one meter of cheap curtains, take one meter of windows as an example, the total price will reach 65 yuan one meter, this is really not cheap. The main reason is because, except for the curtain itself, the price of the accessories is too high, accounting for about half of the total cost of the curtains. Therefore, while valuing curtains, do not forget to price the curtain accessories. Or prepare for fraud, intentionally lower the price of curtains, and raise the price of accessories.