Natural stone splicing focuses on two factors

March 24, 2019

Natural stone has always been the first choice for decoration owners with its natural and varied texture. Within the living room, natural stone has been designed by the designer and through reasonable splicing to reflect the luxurious and elegant home style. However, the splicing of natural stone still requires the owner to deal with it carefully.

What kind of decorative stone to choose, generally should focus on two factors:

The first is the location: whether it is indoor or outdoor of the building, whether it is a hall or a kitchen or a bathroom, so as to determine the choice of marble plates or granite slabs.

The second is the color: natural decorative stone red, yellow, green, black, white, but most of them are composite colors, the only color is currently only black granite.

Because the natural decorative stone is a natural product, the pattern and color characteristics of each piece of the plate are not consistent. It is necessary to make the pattern and color gradually extend and transition through the color of the color, so as to achieve the overall color harmony. Once the color is spelled, it should be numbered immediately so that it can be placed in place during installation. The number can be directly written on the board surface by sticking the label or using wood crayons, but it is forbidden to use the liquid color pen to write the mark on the stone board surface to prevent the colored liquid from penetrating into the stone, leaving traces that cannot be wiped off.

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