Nanjing furniture wallpaper matching also have to look here

March 28, 2021

Nanjing Furniture

1. How to make the room look bigger:

Use a white background wallpaper, choose cool colors such as green, blue, lavender wallpaper; small flowers, small patterns or large grid flowers but there are many white background patterns.

2. How to make the room appear smaller:

Use black wallpaper, use warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange wallpaper; large flowers and dark backgrounds.

3. How to make the ceiling appear higher:

Use straight stripes or a design that has a feeling of upward support; use light-colored wallpaper for the ceiling; use flowers and a "V" or "U"-shaped green foil to make people feel upward development.

4. How to make the ceiling lower:

The wallpaper has been pasted to the ceiling, using a dark or bright color as the base wallpaper; using wallpaper that will produce a horizontal stripe effect; pasting the wallpaper 750px away from the ceiling, and attaching the ceiling belt to the ceiling to make the ceiling feel downward; Use a belt to make your vision feel segmented.

5. How to make the room appear wider:

Use horizontal or horizontal-grained wallpaper; use dark-colored wallpaper on the narrow side and light-colored on the wide side to get better results; fiber fabrics of different shades have the same effect.

6. How to make the segmented wall have a sense of integrity:

Use small patterns or unpatterned wallpaper;

7. How to cover up buildings or obtrusive objects:

Use wallpaper or fabrics that are not patterned or aligned; green, gray, and brown can help conceal obtrusive objects.

8. How to match furniture and other decorations:

Use the pattern or shape of the wallpaper to match the decorations in the room.

9. How to express the theme of the room:

Use story-like or themed wallpaper to express, for example, use card, chess and other patterned wallpaper to paste in a casual room.

10. How to create a sense of wholeness in adjacent rooms:

With matching or coordinated wallpaper, almost all shapes and patterns have matching types, and they can also be matched with belts. This kind of family is more and more in the new style.


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