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January 14, 2021

Many newcomers will think that renovation is a concept. In fact, renovation refers to the unreasonable layout of the home or the use of inconvenient, need to re-adjust the layout, and involves a series of processes such as water and electricity paint, and decoration is only achieved through the drapery layout adjustment A style or make the home look more comfortable and coordinated. The following describes the Nanchang decoration company rankings .

Nanchang Decoration Company Ranking

1, Kang Zhiju decoration

Nanchang Kangzhiju Decoration Co., Ltd. has built a well-known decoration company with top-grade quality home decoration and first-class construction and design in Nanchang, enjoying a reputation for top-notch design in the industry. Nanchang Kangzhiju Decoration Co., Ltd. has designed and decorated sales offices, community clubs, and model houses for more than 100 real estate properties, and is therefore regarded as a “model expert”.

2, Yamei home decoration

Ya Mei Ju Decoration Group was established in 2001, is committed to the promotion and implementation of affordable home improvement, "the first brand of affordable home improvement" as the company's development goals. In addition, it does not do marketing gimmicks, does not over-pack, does not have salesperson positions, and is well known for cost-effective renovation projects.

3, the first floor decoration

Nanchang Cong First Floor Decoration was established in 2003 and is a well-known old brand home improvement company in Nanchang. After serving nearly ten thousand customers for 14 years, it created a 60% ultra-high return passenger rate. The construction is based on quality and the service concept of “100% Customer Satisfaction”. It leads the industry in continuous innovation and creates a model enterprise in the home improvement industry in Nanchang!

4, British and Thai decoration

Nanchang Yingtai Decoration was established in 2005. It has a design center with an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters and a collection exhibition room, home decoration consulting room and individual design room. Nanchang is known for its excellent engineering quality.

5, Wang Wang decoration

Wangjiawang Decoration was established in 2010 and it is a well-known high-cost and cost-effective packaging company in Nanchang. In 2015, the company's full access to the Internet + home improvement, launched in Nanchang, "699 super home package," its high quality and high prices have been highly recognized by the majority of consumers in Nanchang.

6, the peak of the industry decoration

The peak of the industry decoration was established in 1997, the well-known national chain brand decoration company. Founded in 2008, Fenggehui Furniture Co., Ltd. integrates design and development, main material direct sales, engineering construction and home accessories. It converts traditional consignment sales into direct sales, and has created a brand-new business model for the home improvement industry. A cost-effective one-stop home improvement experience.

7, real decoration

Established in 1999, Shichuang Decoration is well-known for creating a quality overall home improvement. In 2016, Shichuang Perfect Home Furnishing (including hard-mounted, soft-mounted, and custom-made furniture for the whole house) was launched, which led the industry to upgrade again.

8, star art decoration

Star Art Decoration was established in 2001. Nanchang Xingyi Decoration has 3 design centers and employs more than 150 people, including more than 50 high-end designers. Is a focus on quality home improvement for 16 years, has advanced, standardized construction technology, selected high-quality main material Nanchang high-end home improvement company.

9. Dongyi Risheng Decoration

Dongyi Risheng was established in 1997. The decoration industry in the home improvement industry is the first to be listed as a decoration company for high-end villas. Since the development of Dongyi Risheng, it has been adhering to the high-end quality home decoration.

10. Creative decoration

Chuangyi Decoration Group was established in 1997. After 19 years of forging, it has developed into a strong design lineup and has been hailed by the industry and many consumers as a large-sized apartment decoration company.

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Decoration Company Ranking Nanchang Decoration Company Ranking

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