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November 20, 2020

Grinding wheel cutting has the following major advantages: it is possible to reliably obtain excellent cutting surface quality (guaranteed by automatic cutting of the cutting wheel automatically): straight cut, precise, clean and does not harden the cutting surface. Therefore, it is possible to eliminate the subsequent processing of trimming the ends of the material (deburring, cutting the sides, etc.).

Shows the grinding wheel for hot cutting.

The cutting surface quality of all other cutting methods is not good, partly due to sharp adhesion burrs (friction pans), and others due to uneven surface deformation (flame cutting) or large deformation (cutting) of the material ends. . It shows the cutting of the bar using the friction data. The cut product needs further finishing (such as deburring). Otherwise, the quality of the dairy product will be reduced, resulting in additional cost and reduced product value. In addition, as the saw blade or shear blade wear increases, the cutting quality becomes progressively worse, while the wheel cutting ensures consistently good cut quality throughout the life of the cutting wheel.

Grinding wheel cutting can be applied to a wide range of materials, from non-alloyed carbon steels to high alloys, high carbon steels, titanium-nickel alloys, and other special steels and non-ferrous alloys, while grinding wheels are only short in the cutting process. It consumes a certain amount of power during the time, and when the cutting is completed, it immediately switches to the no-load state.

The basic technical concept The tool used in the grinding wheel cutting machine is the cutting wheel. These high-performance tools are produced through a multi-step manufacturing process. The basic raw materials constituting the cutting wheel are abrasive grains - ordinary alumina, special alumina or zirconia aluminum, and bonded glass fibers of the reinforced grinding wheel. The actual composition of the cutting wheel depends on the specific application. The specific indicators such as material temperature, material shape and size, material type and variety play a decisive role. Cutting wheels must ensure high stability, high burst speed, excellent cutting quality and optimum performance throughout their life. To achieve this, the manufacturing process uses highly sophisticated technology, which includes the following steps: Material analysis, weighing and mixing, filling and conditioning, pressing, curing at a certain temperature, processing/balancing, and final quality inspection. In order to provide the best special cutting wheels for special applications, the ultimate production cost of the end user is kept to a minimum, and the leading manufacturers of the cutting wheel industry (they are partners of BRAUN) are constantly conducting research and development. jobs.

It is important to maintain a constant circumferential speed of the cutting sand rail for the grinding wheel cutting process. Depending on the cutting requirements and the technical specifications of the cutting wheel, the peripheral speed of the grinding wheel should be between 80 and 100 m/s. As the diameter of the cutting wheel is decreasing during the cutting process, the rotation speed of the cutting shaft will be correspondingly increased. The BRAUN cutting machine is equipped with an automatic grinding wheel wear compensation system for measuring the actual diameter of the grinding wheel after each cutting, and then The frequency is automatically adjusted to drive the speed of the drive motor. This special wheel wear compensation system is also used to automatically position the edge of the cutting wheel as close as possible to the material to speed up the cutting cycle.

In addition, it calculates the number of cuts that a specific material size may require relative to the actual wheel diameter, giving the operator time to prepare in advance to replace the worn cutting wheel.

Depending on the temperature at which the material needs to be cut, the grinding wheel in the following operations can be cut differently: low temperature cutting (material temperatures up to 200 as shown, higher material temperatures can achieve higher unit cutting rates, further shortening the cutting cycle.

According to the cutting application of the rolling mill, the following typical cutting principle is applied: reciprocating piercing cutting: the cutting wheel moves to the material in a planting motion, and feeds from the radial direction to the workpiece. In general, this principle is used to cut a single circular, square or nearly square cross-section material. However, if the cutter is designed properly, it is also possible to cut a rectangular cross section or a narrow layer of material with a circular or square cross section.

Transverse cutting: The cutting wheel moves horizontally across the material being cut in a single cutting stroke. This principle is generally used to cut a wide layer of material that is circular, embossed, and nearly square cross-section, but can also be used to cut flat rolled materials such as rectangular plate defects, sheets or sheets.

The cutting principle for different applications is also reflected in the basic design of the grinding wheel cutter. BRAUN has developed the basic design of five different types of machines, three of which are widely used in rolling mills. The three main applications are introduced one by one below.

The cutting, billet and billet cutting mill equipment also cuts the blooms or billets, and sometimes the plates, in a hot state, at which time the cross-section of the workpiece is still large. Therefore, a single workpiece of these materials is generally cut by a slamming reciprocating cutting method. Due to the large size of the material being cut, the diameter of the cutting wheel is generally between 1000 and 1600 mm.

Ideally, the wheel cutter is equipped with a horizontal rocker like BRAUN's W-type machine. The downward feeding movement of the cutting wheel has the significant advantage of the best use of the cutting wheel. It can cut rectangular workpieces, or cut smaller billets like two or three narrow-layer materials, even in cutting small cross-section materials. In the case of high productivity. In order to prevent overlap of the circular workpieces, the material fixing system is equipped with a vertical blank holder.

The cutting of the grinding wheel of the hot material brings obvious benefits to the downstream processing operation, reducing the embossing, scratching or marking of the material surface, so that the material has a smooth and tidy cutting surface. At the same time, since the grinding wheel cutting avoids the thick burrs generated by sawing or flame cutting and the deformation of the end faces (projecting ends) of the material produced by the shearing, the slab grinding operation can be easily performed.

In recent years, many different types of roughing mills or billet mills have been technically updated by the installation of a grinding wheel cutter. For example, as part of the expansion of the production scale of the Aldwarke Rolling Mill at Corus Engineering Steel in Rothheim, UK, BRAUN offers 75 large-scale grinding wheels and related equipment for automatic length positioning, cutting and sampling. Cutting work.

After the strip or layer profile has been cut for the last dairy pass, the rolled strips or profiles already have their final shape, and when transferred to the cold bed, the workpiece is usually still very long and needs to be bundled before it is bundled. They are cut to a certain size in a hot state. Although the cross section of the material is relatively small, in order to meet the production requirements of the rolling mill, the product is cut into a wide layer material by a transverse cutting method. Depending on the actual size of the workpiece, a typical cutting wheel diameter is between 800 and 1270 mm.

The transverse cutter includes a linear guide moving slide on which the cutting rocker arm is mounted for horizontal cutting movement, and the cutting feed is actually completed by the horizontal slide. The function of the rocker arm is to adjust its tilting angle according to the diameter of the grinding wheel after each cutting, and to raise the grinding wheel after the transverse cutting is completed so that the moving slide can be without the strip or profile layer on the roller table. Returns to its starting position. Our F-type machine is a typical design for horizontal grinding wheel cutters (0 especially in such applications, excellent cutting surface quality must be achieved. If the cutting quality is not satisfactory, as in most cutting operations, it must be used Separate cutting equipment again trims or cuts the end face of the strip, such as the use of band saws for industrial materials, and for very special materials, it is reworked by the mill or product buyer at the later stage using a grinding wheel cutter. For this reason, many dairy mills have even installed a horizontal grinding wheel cutter for existing milk machines as an auxiliary equipment for existing shearing machines or replacing existing shearing machines. BRAUN horizontal grinding wheel cutting machine has been updated and installed. The companies are: Udenburg Steel in udenburg, Austria, which has wide slabs, sheets and sheets. Traditional shearing or flame cutting methods are used for the hot cutting of these products. The grinding wheel cutting machine was only used a few years ago. Cut the flat product just after the last frame of the mill, still in a hot state.

As part of the overall modernization project, Austria's special steel producer BOHLERBleche started looking for new cutting equipment that could replace their existing shears after installing three new mill stands for their Honigsberg plate mill. Due to the continuous problem of this shearing machine, it can not meet the higher quality requirements of cutting hot plate and thin plate operation, and has to use the band saw to cut the edge of the product at the low temperature state in the plate finishing workshop, the new cutting process equipment The task is to eliminate this extra job.

Through a comprehensive evaluation, BOHLERBleche decided to use the grinding wheel cutting process equipment.

Obviously, a grinding wheel cutter should be used. However, due to the need to cut the sheet and sheet width (cut width up to 2.3m), a lot of modifications have to be made to the machine design. As a result, BRAUN has developed a door-type transverse grinding wheel cutter (FP type machine) in which the horizontal moving slide with the rocker arm is moved to the overhead and the linear guide mechanism is mounted on a solid door structure (1 And 12).

In order to meet a very special requirement of BOHLERBleche - in the specific case of cutting flat slabs at low temperatures, this cutting machine has a specially designed material fixing device. Although the slab has a slightly rounded surface shape, these devices can be used separately. The clamping member is driven and automatically adjusted to safely clamp the slab.

According to the cross-sectional dimension of the material to be cut, the cutting width can be up to 2300mm. In this case, the diameter of the cutting wheel should be at least 1250mm. The new type of door-type horizontal grinding wheel cutting machine can meet the required quality requirements of the cutting surface of the plate. In many cases, no additional sheet cryogenic cutting is required. Therefore, the overall cost of production is also reduced.

Special requirements for machine design In order to get the best results, it is critical to design the grinding wheel cutters used in special operations. In addition, the cutting machine and the cutting wheel must be adapted to the material being cut. All three elements - a cutting machine, a cutting wheel and a material to be cut - form the cutting system.

Since the wheel cutter is one of our main products, it is given the highest priority in the company. With more than 40 years of professional experience, ongoing research and development, and close collaboration with leading manufacturers of cutting wheels, we have a wealth of “cutting system” expertise. As a result, BRAUN is now continually providing its customers with modern machine designs that fully meet the specific application requirements of the company. Not only that, but before the shipment, every wheel cutting machine was completed in our production workshop. These “soft factors” also increased the difference between modern high-performance cutting machines and low-level design cutting machines. BRAUN has Users have replaced existing cutters from other manufacturers that have been unable to achieve the required performance due to inaccurate design. Conclusions and Outlook Due to the increasing market competition environment, dairy mills have been under pressure to further improve their production facilities. Although many different cutting process technologies at different stages of the rolling process are still considered secondary process technologies, the cutting operations do have a considerable impact on the performance of the dairy machine, as a result of the quality of the final product and the overall cost of production.

Today, most modern hot milk machines are equipped with a grinding wheel cutter from the start. In recent years, many existing rolling mills have been equipped with grinding wheel cutters. This trend will continue as the grinding wheel cutting process technology has many manufacturing advantages. However, the installation of a grinding wheel cutter on an existing rolling mill does require special expertise.

Vice President of the Cutting and Grinding Equipment Division.

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