Measures to reduce the pollution of mushroom green mold

March 26, 2019

In the strain bottle or after sowing the bacteria and the mushroom, it is easy to catch the old root, and the green colony spreads, not only competes with the mushroom for nutrition, but also the secreted toxin affects the mushroom colonization and fruiting body. form. The mushroom root after the mushroom is produced is easy to be injured; after the culture block is infected, the green colony grows quickly and spreads rapidly, causing the mushroom mycelium or fruit body to grow poorly or die. In order to reduce the pollution of mushroom green mold, China Pesticide Network Xiaobian introduces you to the following methods:
Control methods: 1. Strictly prevent excessive application of formaldehyde in the inoculation box or inoculation room during production to prevent formaldehyde from turning into formic acid and forming an acidic environment. The lime powder should be applied around the culture room, and the bacteria contaminated with green bacteria should be removed in time. 2. After the broadcast, it is necessary to check the strains in time, find the green mold pollution, and immediately excavate and make up new seeds. 3, try to choose low-temperature dry season cultivation, reduce the incidence. After digging the briquettes, the hyphae healing stage is covered with a plastic film, and the amount of ventilation is moderated, and the temperature is lowered. In the later stage, the plastic film should not be lifted too early to prevent the bacteria from being invaded during healing. After the green mold appears in the bacteria, it should be scrubbed with 40% sulfur suspending emulsion or 50% fungicide carbendazim wettable powder 800 times.

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