Manual digging pile driver installation instructions

September 20, 2020

The "Warriors" manual digging pile driver was designed by the company's professional mechanical and electrical engineer technicians, and it has been improved several times on the spot in conjunction with the specific working environment. At present, this machine has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, safety and portability, easy disassembly and assembly, and easy operation.

This machine is particularly suitable for the cleanup of debris in urban sewage pipelines, the excavation of shallow wells, and the construction of large-scale foundation hole piles. Compared with large-scale machinery, the overall cost-effectiveness ratio of this machine is the highest.

The machine has a cantilever length of 1.5 meters, a span of 1.5 meters, and a wire rope length of 30 to 60 meters (30 meters standard, custom lengthening). All the main engines use electromagnetic braking, which is safe and efficient.
Specific construction precautions:

1. The site management personnel shall carefully explain the geological conditions and groundwater conditions at the digging pile to the construction personnel, and put forward possible problems and emergency treatment measures. We must have adequate ideological preparations and materials and machinery for adequate emergency measures. It is necessary to formulate security measures and constantly check and implement them.

2. The work under the hole shall not exceed 2 persons, and helmets, raincoats, rain pants and long boots shall be worn during the work. There must be a contact signal between the workers under the hole and the personnel on the hole. No hammers, hammers, stones, iron rods, or other items that fall or hurt are allowed to be placed around the ground. Every hour of work, underground personnel and ground personnel exchange.

3. Downhole personnel should pay attention to observing the pore wall change. If it is found that the collapse or wall cracking phenomenon should take timely support measures. If there is any danger, a contact signal should be given promptly so that the evacuation can proceed quickly. And take effective measures as soon as possible to eliminate dangerous situations.

4. The ground personnel should pay attention to the contact signal issued by the hole, and the response should be quick and sensitive. Always check whether the brackets, pulleys, and ropes are firm. When hanging, hang them firmly. The earth and stone that you raised should be poured cleanly and unloaded 2 meters away from the opening.

5. The electrical equipment used for pumping, lighting, ventilation, etc. during construction shall be provided with a leakage protection device for one gate, one gate, and one leakage protection device. The power supply line shall use three-core rubber wire, and the wire shall be overhead and shall not be dragged to the ground. And always check that the wire and the leakage protector are intact.

6. The drainage hole should be more than 5m away from the hole when pumping water from the hole, and ensure the smooth drainage at the construction site.

7. Dig holes on the day and cast protective walls on that day. When the construction personnel leave the construction site, they must cover the hole and set up a clear warning sign if necessary.

8. Since there may be humic substances in the soil layer or gases generated from adjacent humus substances escape into the pores, the harmful gas in the pores should be prevented from being attacked. Construction personnel and inspectors shall open the cover of the hole 10 minutes before the next hole, and report any abnormal odor to the relevant department in time and remove harmful gases before starting work.

9. Dig the hole 6-10 meters deep, ventilate at least once a day into the hole, ventilation more than 10 meters at least twice a day, if the operator under the hole if they feel bad breathing but also timely ventilation.

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