Long knowledge! There is so much contact between talcum powder and cars...

March 06, 2021

Talc has excellent physical and chemical properties such as lubricity, anti-adhesion, flow aid, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation, high melting point, chemical inactivity, good hiding power, softness, good gloss, strong adsorption, etc. The crystal structure is layered, so it has a tendency to split into scales and a special smoothness. If the content of Fe2O3 is high, its insulation is reduced.

It is believed that people in the industry will not be unfamiliar with talcum powder. Talc powder is widely used in chemical, ceramic, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, paper, brucite powder and other industries, and talcum powder is used as a auxiliaries in the automotive industry. It also plays a vital role.

Application of PP/talc in automobile

PP/talc powder: It is widely used due to its low density, low cost, balanced performance and good recovery performance.
Applications: Dashboard, interior door panel, trunk, glove box, storage box etc.
Commonly used levels: PP-TD20, PP/PE-TD20, PP/EPDM-TD20(15), etc.
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For a more comfortable experience, consumers are increasingly demanding additional materials such as odor, VOC, touch, and more. The challenges to material modification plants and raw material suppliers are growing.

The effect of scratch-resistant PP/talc powder on typical formulations and scratch-resistant additives

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The choice of scratch-resistant agent, the choice is not good, the impact on various defects is very obvious:

1. The main material PP has a very large molecular weight, and there are no problems such as migration, fogging, etc.
2, talcum powder is mineral powder, there is no problem of organic volatilization
3, scratch-resistant agent is an organic component, and the proportion of additives is very high, the choice is not good, will bring various problems,

such as:

Amide: low molecular weight, easy to migrate, partial odor, fogging;

MMA graft modified amides: obvious odor, high VOC, poor aging and scratch resistance;
Ordinary silicone masterbatch: Poor compatibility with PP, easy to move and stick after aging, and scratch resistance.

Advanced PP scratch-resistant solution

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Application of high-gloss plastic parts in automobiles

High gloss plastics: PMMA, ABS, PC, PMMA/ABS and PC/ABS.
Applications: Center console, gearbox panel, partial interior trim, B-pillars, etc.
Technology trends: no spray (environmentally friendly, streamlined process, low cost, etc.)

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High-gloss parts often need to be wiped with a cloth, resulting in micro-scratches and reduced gloss!

Is the scratch resistance still evaluated with pencil hardness?

Based on some test results and experience, the following conclusions can be drawn:
1. Pencil hardness is not suitable for evaluating the resistance of high-gloss materials to fine scratches;
2. ISO-105 is a more scientific method for evaluating the scratch resistance of high-gloss materials and is closer to the actual working conditions.

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Source : Xufeng Powder

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