Lin Chang floor: Sakura rotten season exclusive to your wedding room floor

September 17, 2020

The cherry blossoms are free to fly, and her models in the wedding dress come to you, and it is as long as a century, and all the waiting becomes meaningful at this moment. In this sakura season, you join hands in the marriage hall and start a new life journey together.

She has a whimsical thought, often dreaming of the look of your future home, light blue curtains swaying in the wind, the sun shining on the floor showing a soft arc, and she is awakened by love in your arms. This is her good wishes and your goal. When the cherry blossoms fall, you give her a home, give her a light blue curtain, give her a deep love, give her Lin Chang floor···

Vaguely remember, she always likes to walk barefoot on the floor. Careful in your eyes, in mind, to find thousands of flooring products for this purpose, studied the wood and characteristics of each floor, just to allow her to walk on the floor. Oak, teak, longan, reinforced, solid wood, lock, European, pastoral, simple · Finally, Lin Chang floor has entered your field of vision.

Lin Chang’s floor is “not good at words”, but he knows how to show the floor you need most. When both hands touch the Lin Chang floor, the soft and delicate touch is deep into the heart. I saw the warm and flawless surface, soft and smooth like water, full of sunshine and love. Such a "gentle" Lin Chang floor will definitely give her the most gentle care of her feet.

She once said that the home must be strong enough to accommodate your "small waywardness", and Lin Chang floor is your first choice. Lin Chang floor is super wear-resistant, super waterproof and ultra-stable. The test of time has remained as it is. Imported super-abrasive paint ensures that the floor can withstand the friction during use, and will not leave scratches that are difficult to eliminate. The unique waterproof technology realizes six-sided waterproofing, which will not let a drop of water penetrate into the floor and affect the wood. Stable; Linchang floor with super long dry health, the internal wood fiber moisture content reaches the most scientific equilibrium level, can maintain the stability of the floor for a long time, avoid problems such as bulging and mildew.

Whether you are in trouble, laughing, Lin Chang floor will always be a strong quality, silently tolerate your "small willfulness", let you enjoy the home life. Lin Chang floor meets all her illusions about "home", both beautiful and worthy of the style of the home, and excellent quality to accompany you for a long time. With Lin Chang floor, in the day-to-day life, always surround happiness with you, and complete your promise to her with a lifetime of guardian····

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