KOYO motor bearing abnormal sound analysis and processing

March 26, 2019

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KOYO motor bearing abnormal sound analysis and processing

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1. Persist in the sound of the instrument "Blessing profit..."
Analysis of the reason: motor bearing Japan KOYO bearing KOYO bearing by the holder and the roll body oscillation, against the trigger; regardless of the smooth fat variety can be attacked; accept the moment, load or radial clearance is more simple time to deal with:
A, progress and persistence
B. Use a bearing with a small clearance or apply a preload to the bearing.
C, falling torque load; reducing device errors
D, choose good grease
2, consecutive beeps "å—¡å—¡..."
Analysis of the reason: KOYO bearing motor no-load work is to announce the same sound of similar buzzer; and the motor has an asymmetrical axial oscillation; there is a "beep" sound when opening or shutting down. Detailed features: multi-glowing condition is not good; winter and ball bearings at both ends More motor; mainly when the shaft alignment function is not good; an unstable oscillation treatment method under the influence of axial oscillation:
A. Use smooth and functional grease
B, add preload; reduce device errors
C. Select bearings with small radial clearance
D, progressive motor bearing housing rigidity
E, strengthen the bearing's self-alignment Note: the fifth point to improve the effect of the bottom; select 02 small groove curvature; 01 large groove curvature.
3, the analysis of the cause of paint rust: because the motor bearing shell paint oil after drying; the chemical composition announced by the wave of corrosion of the end face, outer groove and channel; the channel is corroded after the anomalous sound features: after corrosion The bearing surface rust is more severe than the first side:
A. The rotor, the casing, the drying or drying device
B, drop motor temperature
C, choose the type of custom paint
D. Improve the ambient temperature of the motor bearing placement
E, using customary oils; fat oil leads to less rust; silicone oil, mineral oil is the most likely to cause
F, using vacuum dipping process
4, the impurity sound edge analysis: Japan KOYO bearing caused by the cleanliness of the bearing or grease; announced an irregular anomalous sound features: sound even occasionally no; when there is no time when there is no rule; on the high-speed motor :
A, choose good grease
B, improve the cleanliness before grease injection
C. Strengthen the sealing function of the bearing
D. Cleanliness of the improved installation environment
5, high frequency, oscillating sound "å“’å“’....."
Detailed features: The sound frequency changes with the bearing speed; the external waviness of the part is the main cause of noise.
Treatment method:
A. Improve the quality of the bearing raceway surface; reduce the waviness amplitude
B, reduce bruises
C. Correcting the clearance preload and cooperation; the motor bearing looks at the work of the free end bearing; the method of improving the precision of the shaft and the bearing seat
6. Detailed characteristics of temperature rise: After the bearing works; the reason for the temperature exceeding the demand is analyzed:
A, too much smooth grease; increased resistance of the smoothing agent
B. If the clearance is too small, the internal load is too large.
C, device error
D, conflict with the seal
E, the handling method of the bearing:
A, choose the right grease; the right amount
B. Correct the clearance preload and cooperation; check the working condition of the free end bearing
C. Improve the accuracy of the bearing housing and the device method
D, improve the sealing method
7. The bearing feel is not good. Detailed features: When the rotor is rotated by hand, the inside of the bearing feels the impurity and blockage of the bearing.
A, the clearance is too large
B, the cooperation between the inner diameter and the shaft is not appropriate.
C, channel damage treatment methods:
A, the play can be small
B. Selection of public service belt
C, improve accuracy; reduce channel damage
D, grease selection

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