Incandescent lamp application status

March 14, 2019

The purpose of China's green lighting project is to promote energy conservation, environmental protection and lighting quality to adapt to and serve the progress of our society and modernization. The main goal is

1. Promote the application of efficient lighting products;

2. Promote lighting and save electricity, and achieve the goal of 10% energy saving. It is expected that the lighting power saving will reach 103.2 billion kW·h by 2010;

3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by saving electricity, and by 2010, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 41.3 million tons of carbon;

4. Improve the quality and level of efficient lighting products, expand production capacity and export volume;

5. Improve public awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, and better understand the benefits of efficient lighting systems.

One of its measures is to strictly limit the application of ordinary incandescent lamps with low light efficiency: this has become a common requirement for energy saving and emission reduction in countries all over the world.

Generally, fluorescent lamps should be used, mainly self-ballasted fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent lamps; halogen lamps should be used in places where switching is frequent, dimming is required, special decorative requirements are required, and key lighting in shopping malls.

Restricting the application of incandescent lamps, the current focus is on hotels and families: the hotel mainly relies on designers, decoration engineers and construction units to work together to enhance energy-saving concepts and responsibilities to solve; the family mainly relies on the government to use price policy guidance.

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