IMC lining fluorine magnetic pump in the process of what should pay attention to

September 17, 2020

The pump is driven by the active magnet coupling installed directly on the motor shaft, the pump chamber is completely closed, and the impeller with the magnet on the pump shaft is indirectly driven by the magnetic coupling to rotate in a compact and safe manner. Fluorine-impregnated pump Strong and durable structure of the pump Although the contact with the liquid part of the fluorine plastic, but the fluorine-containing magnetic pump housing is a metal material, so the pump enough to withstand the weight of the pipe and withstand mechanical impact. IMC lined fluorine magnetic pump should pay attention to what matters in the course of 1. Because the lined fluorine magnetic pump bearing cooling and lubrication is transported by the media, it is absolutely prohibited air operation, while avoiding the power failure after the restart and caused Time-laden carrier operation. 2 was transported medium, if it contains solid particles, lining fluorine magnetic pump inlet to be added to the filter: If containing ferromagnetic particles, the need to add magnetic filters. 3. Lining fluorine magnetic pump in the use of ambient temperature should be less than 40 ℃, the motor temperature rise shall not exceed 75 ℃. 4. The media sent by Elm shall be within the permissible range of fluorine-containing magnetic pump material. Lining fluorine magnetic pump temperature can not be lower than minus 30 ℃ maximum can not exceed 100 ℃. Conveying the suction pressure is not more than 0.2MPa, the maximum working Zhuangli 1.6MPa, the density is not greater than 1600Kg / m3, the viscosity is not greater than 30X10-6m㎡ / s without hard particles and fibers of the liquid. 5. For the transport fluid is easy to sediment and easy to use media, after use should be promptly cleaned, drain clean fluorine magnetic force pump fluid. 6. Lining fluorine magnetic pump 1000 hours after normal operation, should be demolished inspection bearing and face ring wear and tear, and replace the consumable parts should not be reused. (Editor: Xiaoxia QQ:) Recommended reading: 2017 exhibition information

KASOLE Silicon PU course material is a new generation of course materials developed on the basis of PU course materials. The material is scientifically compounded by a polyurethane (PU) material and a material containing a silicone component, and the produced material is used on a ball surface layer to fundamentally and effectively solve the problem of professional performance and environmental protection of PU course materials. , lack of service life, routine maintenance, etc.
●Applicable scope:
Tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, handball, boules and multi-purpose gymnasiums, gymnasiums, dance studios, schools, unit union activity rooms, multi-function halls, amusement parks, kindergartens, sporting goods stores, offices, hotels Any ground of the hospital.
. Features:
1, good flatness, moderate elasticity can reduce sports injuries;
2, good wear resistance, non-slip, anti-UV, anti-aging:
3. Rich color, good water resistance;
4, all-weather, can be used immediately after the rain;
5. Simple construction and easy maintenance.

Silicon PU/PU Plastic Stadium

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